Minors are a secondary area of academic focus.

This can be helpful if you have several areas you’d like to study but don’t want to do a double major. A minor can complement your main course of study by enhancing the value of your major, helping you to find an area of specialization within your major. Or, your minor can just be something you really enjoy and want to know more about. Some degrees require a minor.

The criminology minor curriculum provides knowledge and skills that have immediate practical application and are in high demand across a wide variety of careers and professions. You’ll complete a minimum of 18 credit hours.

Criminology Minor
(18 hours)

Required Courses

  • CJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • CJ110 Introduction to Law Enforcement (3)
  • SO360 Theories of Crime (3)

Choose 3 hours from:

  • CJ375 Victimology (3)
  • SO305 Intersections of Crime (3)

Choose 6 hours from:

  • CJ220 Criminal Law (3)
  • CJ222 Gangs in America (3)
  • CJ235 Police Operations (3)
  • CJ303 Correctional Institutions (3)
  • CJ330 Criminal Investigations (3)
  • CJ350 Criminalistics (3)
  • CJ400 Crisis Management (3)
  • CJ422 Criminal Procedures (3)
  • CJ435 Seminar in Criminal Justice (3)
  • SO201 Social Problems in Contemporary Society (3)
  • SO202 Racial & Ethnic Relations (3)
  • SO300 Organized & White-Collar Crim (3)
  • SO385 Family Violence (3)
  • SO444 Deviant Social Behavior (3)
  • SW201 Social & Economic Justice (3)
  • SW207 Understanding Cultural and Social Diversity (3)
  • UI300 Drugs and Behavior (3)
  • UI309 Crime & Human Behavior (3)

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