Minors are a secondary area of academic focus.

Declaring a minor can be helpful if you are wanting a different area of study, but not declaring another major. You can minor in something that compliments your major, or something you find interesting!  

Students who minor in dance study courses in Movement Improvisation, Dance History, Choreography, Principles of Teaching Dance and diverse styles of dance technique. The minor is designed to balance creative and performance aspects of dance with historical and theoretical aspects. Dance minors are invited to participate in all areas of the dance program including academic courses, dance productions, and the student dance organization, University Dancers United. 

Dance Minor
(18 Hours Required)

Required Courses:

  • DA105 Rehearsal and Production I (1)
  • DA282 Movement Improvisation (3)
  • DA305 Rehearsal and Production II (1)
  • DA490 Dance History (3)

Choose 10 Hours (minimum of 2 hours must be upper division):
Hours must include courses from at least two different genres of dance.

  • DA230 Ballroom Dance I (2)
  • DA131 Introduction to Aerial Arts (1)
  • DA140 Conditioning for Dance (1)
  • DA211 Ballet I (1)
  • DA216 Pointe Technique I (2)
  • DA221 Modern Dance I (1)
  • DA226 Jazz Dance I (1)
  • DA227 World Dance I (2)
  • DA228 Hip Hop Dance I (2)
  • DA231 Aerial Arts I (1)
  • DA236 Tap Dance I (1)
  • DA280 Movement Analysis (3)
  • DA290 Dance in World Cultures (3)
  • DA316 Pointe II (2)
  • DA331 Aerial Arts II (2)
  • DA311 Ballet II (2)
  • DA316 Pointe Technique II (2)
  • DA321 Modern Dance II (2)
  • DA326 Jazz Dance II (2)
  • DA327 World Dance II (2)
  • DA328 Hip Hop Dance II (2)
  • DA336 Tap Dance II (2)
  • DA380 Choreography I (3)
  • DA411 Ballet III (2)
  • DA421 Modern Dance III (2)
  • DA426 Jazz Dance III (2)
  • DA436 Tap Dance III (2)
  • DA485 Choreography II (3)
  • DA495 Dance Ensemble (1)


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