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Our B.A. in Dance offers students professional, conservatory-style training with a wide range of flexibility to explore any and all aspects of dance.  The degree focuses on the areas of training, production and professional development incorporating academic courses, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities to enhance learning. Upon graduation, B.A. Dance majors will acquire the skills necessary when entering the professional dance, entertainment, and arts markets. Our program continually challenges the abilities of our students and regularly assesses student progress. The B.A. in Dance also prepares students interested in continuing studies to the M.A. and M.F.A. level. 

What You'll Do:

  • Demonstrate a broad range of knowledge and skills in the area of dance within a liberal arts context;  
  • Demonstrate mature work ethics and healthy lifestyle habits consistent with professionals in the field of dance;  
  • Achieve a high level of competency and skill in technique and performance in a variety of dance techniques;  
  • Demonstrate familiarity with in the many facets of dance production and other professionally oriented work in dance;  
  • Become familiar with a wide variety of dance repertory and dance styles; 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in choreographic principles, concepts and development of a personal aesthetic;  
  • Exhibit fundamental knowledge of the body and of kinesiology as applicable to work in dance;  
  • Show basic knowledge and skills in dance pedagogy; 
  • Identify dance in historical, cultural and stylistic contexts; 
  • Display the ability to creatively solve problems. 

What Can You Do with a Dance Degree?

Your education is just one piece to launching an extraordinary career. Once you’ve mastered the material, you still have to find the job you want, make the right connections, sell your knowledge and experience—and if all this is giving you anxiety, don’t panic. SEMO’s Career Services office is here to help you with the next step. They’ll provide the expertise and support you need, so you’re landing your dream job in no time.

Internship and Employment Opportunities of Recent Graduates

  • Jacob’s Pillow
  • St. Louis Bombshells
  • Summer Theatre of New Canaan
  • Fulton Theatre, NYC
  • Chicago Dance Crash
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • American Dance Festival
  • Coupé Theatre Studio
  • Broadway Dance Center
  • Chicago Repertory Ballet
  • Big Muddy Dance Company
  • Disney Internships
  • Northwest Arkansas Ballet Theatre
  • Giordano Dance Chicago
  • StarQuest Dance Competition
  • Streb Extreme Action

Dance Degree Map

Explore the courses you'll need to complete your degree.

Outcomes & Careers

  • $29/hr

     Professional Dancer

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median wage for a professional dancer is $29.56 per hour.  

  •  $22/hr


    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median wage for a choreographer is $22.62 per hour. 

  • 53k+

    Dance Instructor

    The average annual salary for a Self-Enrichment Teacher is $52,890 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

What You’ll Study

Degree Map

As a BA Dance major, you will study a wide variety of dance repertory and dance styles and build relationships with professional dancers, choreographers, and dance companies through master classes, residences, internships, intensives, and dance festivals. You’ll complete a minimum of 120 credit hours for this degree, including the general education requirements and at least 47 hours in dance. No minor is required.

Required Courses:

  • DA280 Movement and Body Analysis (3)
  • DA282 Movement Improvisation (3)
  • DA327 Embodying Global Dance (2)
  • DA380 Choreography I (3)
  • DA392 Dance in World Cultures (3)
  • DA393 Gender, Sexuality, and Race in US Dance (3)
  • DA480 Careers in Dance (3)
  • DA485 Choreography II (3)
  • DA490 Western Dance History (3)
  • TH105 Rehearsal and Production I (1)
  • TH305 Rehearsal/Production II (1 credit x 5 semesters)
  • TH111 Introduction to Theatre Design and Technology (3)

Select 16 hours from no less than 4 areas of dance technique: *

Ballet area:
  • DA211 Ballet I (2)
  • DA216 Ballet Pointe I (2)
  • DA311 Ballet II (2)
  • DA316 Ballet Pointe II (2)
  • DA411 Ballet III (2)
Commercial area:
  • DA130 Ballroom Dance I (2)
  • DA241 Broadway Dance I (2)
  • DA341 Broadway Dance II (2)
  • DA371 Heels and Burlesque (1)
  • DA372 Jumps and Turns (1)
  • DA373 Partnering and Lifts (1)
  • DA431 Broadway Dance III (2)
  • DA441 Dance for TV/Film (2)
Contemporary area:
  • DA322 Contemporary Dance I (2)
  • DA422 Contemporary Dance II (2)
  • DA4xx (423) Contemporary Dance III (2)
Hip Hop and Street area:
  • DA228 Hip Hop and Street Styles I (2)
  • DA328 Hip Hop and Street Styles II (2)
  • DA428 Hip Hop and Street Styles III (2)
Jazz area:
  • DA226 Jazz Dance I (2)
  • DA326 Jazz Dance II (2)
  • DA426 Jazz Dance III (2)
Tap area:
  • DA236 Tap Dance I (2)
  • DA336 Tap Dance II (2)
  • DA436 Tap Dance III (2)

Select 4 hours from:

  • BS113 Anatomy and Physiology (4)
  • DA140 Conditioning for Dance (1)
  • DA301 Dance Musicianship (3)
  • DA391 Topics in Global Dance (3)
  • DA430 Principles of Teaching Dance (3)
  • TH101 Acting for Non-Majors (3)
  • TH122 Class Voice for Musical Theatre I (3)
  • TH123 Class Voice for Musical Theatre II (3)
  • TH124 Class Voice for Dancers (1)
  • TH218 Acting I (3)
  • TH219 Auditioning I (1)
  • TH251 Costume Patterning and Draping (3)
  • TH275 Stage Management (3)
  • TH350 Stage Lighting I (3)
  • TH351 Costume Design I (3)

*5 hours must 300-400 level

Some requirements may be fulfilled by coursework in major program.

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences – 6 hours
  • Constitution Requirement – 3 hours
  • Written Communication – 6 hours
  • Oral Communication – 3 hours
  • Natural Sciences – 7 hours (from two disciplines, one to include a lab)
  • Mathematics – 3 hours
  • Humanities & Fine Arts – 9 hours (from at least two disciplines)
  • Additional requirements – 5 hours (to include UI100 for native students)
  • Civics examination

Freshman Year 

Fall Semester (15 Hours) 
  • UI100 (1) 
  • EN100 (3) 
  • DA105 (1) 
  • DA280 (3)
  • Dance Technique Class (2) 
  • Dance Technique Class (2) 
  • General Education (3) 
Spring Semester (15 Hours) 
  • DA282 (3) 
  • DA305 (1) 
  • TH111 (3)
  • Dance Technique Class (2)  
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 

Sophomore Year 

Fall Semester (15 Hours) 
  • DA305 (1)
  • DA327 (3)
  • Dance Technique Class (2)
  • Elective (3)
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3)
Spring Semester (15 Hours) 
  • DA305 (1) 
  • DA380 (3) 
  • Dance Technique Class (2) 
  • Theatre/Dance Elective (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • Elective (3)

Junior Year 

Fall Semester (15 Hours) 
  • DA305 (1) 
  • DA392 (3) 
  • Dance Technique Class (2) 
  • Elective (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
Spring Semester (16 Hours) 
  • DA305 (1) 
  • DA393 (3) 
  • Elective (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 

Senior Year 

Fall Semester (14 Hours) 
  • DA480 (3) 
  • Dance Technique Class (2) 
  • Elective (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • Elective (3) 
Spring Semester (15 hours)
  • DA490 (3) 
  • Dance Technique Class (2) 
  • Theatre/Dance Elective (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • Elective (3) 
  • Elective (3)  

The mission of the Dance Program at Southeast Missouri State University is to train students to become resourceful contemporary dance artists by offering solid and vigorous studio techniques, challenging and vital classroom experiences, and numerous performance opportunities. Committed to Artistic and Academic excellence, the faculty advocates and supports the cultivation of professional dancers through guided analysis, exploration, and practice in the development of expertise within the many components of the dance discipline.

Dance Program

  • Dance Facilities

    Southeast has exceptional dance facilities that provide excellent training and performance opportunities for our students at the River Campus. All dance studios are equipped with sprung floors, a Marley dance surface, up-to-date sound systems, upright pianos, computers, and televisions for use in studio dance courses and have a key card system allowing students 24-hour access. Take a look at our fantastic dance facilities! 

  • Auditions

    Students interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Dance degree are strongly encouraged to audition for dance technique-level placement to ensure proper coursework and progress within the degree program. The audition gives the faculty a comprehensive view of your technical and creative abilities, training background, and your goals and interests within the dance discipline. Learn more about our dance audition process! 

  • Training

    Our dance program provides diversity of dance training emphasizing numerous styles of dance technique including aerial, ballet, hip-hop, modern, jazz, pointe, and tap. Additionally, we give students the ability to explore and develop in other areas such as classical and contemporary partnering, advanced improvisation, and choreography. Find out more information on our training program for our students.  

  • Experiential Learning

    Our students have access to many opportunities to advance their career and show off their talents in multiple on and off-campus performances, master classes, and choreographic residencies with guest artists, and events like the American College Dance Association Annual Conference! Get the best experience for your future career, right here at Southeast!   

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