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At Southeast, we take pride in our will to do. And, we consider it part of our culture to encourage others to do the same—and to celebrate when they do. 

“She has been a wonderful teacher and challenges me every day in class!" 


"He has helped me manage my workload, so I feel much more comfortable and productive." 


"Their dedication and assistance helping students like me find success at Southeast has made all the difference in my college experience!"

Past Recipients 

The Southeast Shout-Out Award was started in fall 2016 as a way to better recognize faculty and staff for the exceptional performance of their duties. To date 36 faculty and staff have been recognized with the award out of more than 160 nominations.

2018-2019 Award Recipients


Kristen LaMantia, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling


Michelle Tanz, Assistant Professor of Nursing 


Ally Holland, Coordinator of Annual Giving

Dana Saverino

Dana Saverino, Creative Strategy Project Manager, Marketing and Communications 


Larry Bohannon, Professor, Elementary Education Undergraduate Program Coordinator 


Shonta Smith, Associate Professor of Elementary Education 


Jayanti Ray, Interim Communication Disorders Department Chair

Bonnie Gerecke

Bonnie Gerecke, Administrative Assistant, Mass Media


Jamie Birkman, Senior Administrative Assistant


Nate Saverino, Associate Director of Athletics for External Affairs

Brenda Glastetter

Brenda Glastetter, Administrative Assistant, Accounting, Economics and Finance


Marcy Ball, Academic Advisor 


Janie McGaugh, Administrative Assistant, History and Anthropology 


Dena Hale, Associate Professor of Marketing 


Ryan Heslinga, Assistant Registrar 

Amy Hancock

Amy Hancock, Senior Buyer, Purchasing 

2018-2019 Award Recipients



Dr. Glen Williams, Professor and Chairperson of Communication Studies and Modern Languages

Jen Weber

Dr. Jenn Weber, Assistant Professor of Biology


Matt Wallhausen, Information Technology Senior Network Specialist 

Michael Simmons   Instructor of Mass Media

Michael Simmons, Instructor of Mass Media


Chelsea McNeely, Director of Southeast Online


Tyson Koenig, Archival Assistant in Kent Library's Special Collections and Archives 

2017-2018 Award Recipients

Heath Hase   Coordinator of EDvolution

Heath Hase, Coordinator of EDvolution

Jim McGill   Professor of Chemistry & Director of the Jane Stephens Honors Program

Jim McGill, Professor of Chemistry & Director of the Jane Stephens Honors Program

John Stepp   Public Safety Officer

John Stepp, Public Safety Officer

Lori Mueller   Instructor, Harrison College of Business

Lori Mueller, Instructor, Harrison College of Business

Peggy Hill   Professor of Physics

Peggy Hill, Professor of Physics 

Sharon Dees   Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education

Sharon Dees, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education


Susan Kendrick, Chair of Department of English & Interim Director of General Education

Vicki Howell   Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Biology

Vicki Howell, Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Biology

Carrie Taylor   Assistant Director of International Student & Scholar Services

Carrie Taylor, Assistant Director of International Student & Scholar Services 

Dan Koeppel   PC Applications Specialist

Dan Koeppel, PC Applications Specialist

Robert Fisher   Transit Driver for the Department of Public Safety

Robert Fisher, Transit Driver for the Department of Public Safety 

Michael King   Program Technician with Continuing Education

Michael King, Program Technician with Continuing Education

Christy Mershon   Assistant Director of Continuing Education

Christy Mershon, Assistant Director of Continuing Education

Christina Ragain   Professor of Chemistry

Christina Ragain, Professor of Chemistry

Kirk Sandfort   Transit Supervisor for the Department of Public Safety

Kirk Sandfort, Transit Supervisor for the Department of Public Safety

Elizabeth Uelsmann   Instructor of Agriculture

Elizabeth Uelsmann, Instructor of Agriculture

Pennie Pflueger   English Instructor

Pennie Pflueger, English Instructor

Diane Wood   Professor of Biology

Diane Wood, Professor of Biology

Theresa Haug   Coordinator of UI100 & UI100 Instructor

Theresa Haug, Coordinator of UI100 & UI100 Instructor

Quantella Noto   Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management Program Director

Quantella Noto, Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management Program Director


Ashley Harrington, Administrative Assistant for Faculty Senate


John Adams, Network Specialist, Information Technology


Ron McAdams, Network Specialist II, Information Technology 

2016-2017 Award Recipients


Logan Driskell , Dearmont Hall Director with Residence Life


Floyd Lockhart, LMS Administrator with the Center of Scholarship Teaching and Learning


Tim Clifton, Groundskeeper with Facilities Management


Chris Wubbena, Professor of Sculpture in Southeast’s Department of Art


Casandra Hicks, Financial Aid Coordinator, Student Financial Services


Katie Krodinger, Assistant Director of New Student Programs in the Office of Admissions


John Buchheit, Department of Public Safety

Julie Grueneberg   Assistant Registrar

Julie Grueneberg, Assistant Registrar

Ann Hayes   News Bureau Director

Ann Hayes, News Bureau Director

Laurie Overmann   Instructor of Mathematics

Laurie Overmann, Instructor of Mathematics

Marge Phillips   Center for Writing Excellence Administrative Assistant and Writing Associate

Marge Phillips, Center for Writing Excellence Administrative Assistant and Writing Associate

Jeremy Thompson   Center for Writing Excellence Writing Associate

Jeremy Thompson, Center for Writing Excellence Writing Associate

Amanda Woods   Office of Military and Veterans Services Outreach Coordinator

Amanda Woods, Office of Military and Veterans Services Outreach Coordinator 

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