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  • A Homecoming Like No Other

    Families will be visiting SEMO this weekend, and alumni should follow in October as Southeast Missouri State Univeristy continues to celebrate 150 years, with a Homecoming celebration like no other planned Oct. 9-14.  Keep Reading

  • 13 Southeast Legacies

    For many families, SEMO has become a tradition. You can find generation after generation graduating as Redhawks. Check out a few of the many legacy stories that have come from campus. Keep Reading

  • A Family Tradition

    Tom and Dorothy Wencewicz started their journey at SEMO in 1966. Since then, it's become more than just a stop. It's become a home and a place for their family to take part in.  Keep Reading

  • Esports Creates Community

    Lizzy Hall was unsure when she started at SEMO where she fit in, something many first-year students experience. After a visit to the Involvement Fair, she found an organization that offered her community and the ability to thrive.  Keep Reading

What Happens in 15 Decades?

What was happening on campus or in the world in the 1940s? What was popular in music? What advances did Southeast make? Each month, we'll take a look at all you need to know about SEMO through the decades

Let's Talk About SEMO

With so much to reflect on from the past 150 years, we sat down with the officials, faculty, and staff to hear their thoughts, memories, and reflections on the University. This month, we spoke with Dr. Robert Hamblin, Southeast professor emeritus, poet and author.

Save the Date!

The year of 150th celebrations continues! Save the date for the Sesquicentennial Ball on April 6, 2024. This event will support SEMO scholarships. You can find more information on the Sesquicentennial Ball page. Be watching for more details to come!

Redhawk Action

Doesn't matter if you're looking for football, soccer, track, or tennis, we have all the Redhawk stories and events to keep you updated on your favorite teams.