Vandiver Hall

Willard Duncan Vandiver Hall is a five-story, suite-style residence hall. The first floor houses the main commons space, laundry facilities, customer service desk, mailroom, Hall Director Office, and TV/Game room. On floors two through five, there are two lounges on each floor with approximately 70 students per floor. Located at the center of each floor is a large living room area with kitchenette, LAN drops, and plenty of room for meetings, social gatherings, studying, or just a place to go and relax. A second, mid-sized lounge provides a more social and intimate space for residents to meet.

Also located on each floor is a designated study room designed for 8 to 10 students to meet and practice a presentation or conduct a small group study session. Two students share a room and a bathroom area adjoins two rooms. All the furniture in the room is loftable, and each room comes a with cable TV outlet and a LAN (Local Area Network) port for each resident of the room.

  • Location: Located at Henderson next to Merick hall
  • Hall Type: Suite Style (two bedrooms connected by bathroom)
  • Suite style restrooms are cleaned by the resident
  • Residential Capacity: 293 beds, 2 RA singles per floor (1 RA single on first floor), 5 residential floors
  • Room Types: Double Occupancy
  • Approximate Room Measurements: 18’ W x 11’ L x 9’ H.
  • Window sizes: 6’ H x 3’ W. There are two windows in the room.
  • Desktop Measurements: 42” L x 24” W.
  • Dresser (3-drawer and movable): 30” W x 24” D x 29 1/2” H. Each drawer is approximately 5 ½” D. Each person in the room has their own dresser.
  • Wardrobe Dimensions (All dimensions are from the base of the space in the wardrobe which clothes are hung to the closet rod (i.e. where you hang your clothes): 34 ½” W x 21 ¾” D x 54” H.
  • Mattress size: 80” L (extra-long twin).
  • Approximate Measurement of bed (for storage underneath) 80” L x 39” D x 33” H. This applies if you raise your bed on the highest rung without lofting. The bed can also be lowered.
  • Space under sink: 23” H x 22 ½” D x 27” W
  • Cable Connection: 1 outlet per room
  • Community Kitchen: each floor
  • Elevator: 2 cabs
  • Internet Connection: LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Laundry: 1st floor
  • TV Lounge: On each floor
  • Program Lounge: Two on the 1st floor
  • Vending Machines: 1st floor, snacks and soda
  • Mailboxes: 1st floor
  • Customer Service Desk: 1st floor


Fax: 573-651-2557
Towers Complex 102
Office of Residence Life
One University Plaza, MS 0055
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

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