Professional Staff MembersProfessional Staff Council Members (from left to right): Chelsea Caile, Sara Wagganer, Heath Hase, Randyn Heisserer-Miller, Katie Krodinger, Sean Spinks, Egbar Ozenkoski, WyKeshia Atkins, Lisa Howe

Professional Staff Council

Name Term Department Officers Email
/2019-2020 Members
McNeely, Chelsea 2020 Southeast Online
Heisserer-Miller, Randyn  2020 Kent Library   Secretary/
Howe, Lisa 2020 Facilities Management
Shaver, Joanna 2020 Campus Life and Event Services 
Atkins, WyKeshia 2021 Learning Assistance Programs
Birk, Angela 2021 Accounting Services 
Baranovic, Kris 2021 Center of Scholarship, Teaching, and Learning
Wagganer, Sara 2021 Recreation Services
Krodinger, Katie  2022 New Student Programs Chair
Ozenkoski, Egbar 2022 Student Financial Services  Chair-Elect
Redinger, Eric 2022 Recreation Services
Seabaugh, Dana 2022 Human Resources
Harper, Melissa Alternate
Student Financial Services
Mitten, Trae Alternate
Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity
McFerron, Alisa


Office of Admissions 



Professional Staff Council
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