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I have looked at the world as an Analytical Chemist for some time. As an undergraduate student I had the opportunity to work at the National Animal Disease lab studying toxins in feeds. Upon obtaining my Ph.D. I worked at a start-up company with 3 employees in New Orleans making enzyme-based electrochemical sensors. My next position with one of the largest healthcare companies, Abbott Laboratories, where I remained for over 20 years and rose to be a corporate research fellow. While in the Hospital Products Division, I helped bring more than 10 hospital products to market, including the world's leading anesthesia gas, Sevoflurane, used in 95% of all major surgeries. After helping Abbott get into the blood glucose monitoring business, I discovered a way to obtain enhanced amount of blood from a lancet wound on the arm, or area less sensitive than the finger, using vacuum and skin stretching. This discovery led to development of the Sof-Tact™ blood glucose meter. Later in the Diagnostics Division, I led a process engineering group responsible for yearly production of $1 billion dollars of immunoassay reagents used in hospital laboratory instruments and in instruments used by blood banks to test for viruses including HIV and hepatitis.

I left industry to pursue my interest in teaching. One opportunity that arose was working with Forensic Science teachers and practitioners. So, I helped train students for drug and toxicology lab work and became involved in the Forensic Science community. And, I helped set-up a new Professional Master's Degree program in the College of Medicine at the University of Kentucky.

My hobbies include reading (novels mainly), following soccer, camping and kayaking. I have two children, Tim and Clare, with my wonderful wife Pat.

Fun Fact: I co-authored a paper with one of the few electrochemists to appear on the cover of Time magazine.


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