Bachelor of Science: Computer Information Systems - online

Program Description

Getting a CIS degree online prepares and educates software developers - the people who create the software tools and systems that are used by others. BSCIS students take a 124-hour program which includes, apart from general education courses:

  • 40 semester hours of a required core of information systems and computer science
  • 6 hours of mathematics courses (applied calculus and probability and statistics)
  • 33-36 of supplemental courses and either a minor or a set of advised courses

Unique Features

In this track, students complete the requirements for a minor in Business Administration and will be well prepared to enter the workforce and apply their computing skills.

Admissions Requirements

A high school student interested in majoring in Computer Information Systems should complete four years of mathematics that includes trigonometry and an introduction to calculus. Four years of science, which includes both chemistry and physics is highly recommended. A strong background in English is essential.

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Internships & Career Opportunities

  • Boeing
  • Garmin
  • Microsoft
  • AT&T
  • Edward Jones
  • Maritz
  • Big River Telephone
  • Element 74
  • Vintage Software


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