Bachelor of Arts: Psychology - online

Program Description

Psychology is the scientific study of all aspects of human behavior and mental processes. Getting a psychology degree online provides a general background in basic processes (learning and memory), cognitive processes, social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical/personality psychology, and statistics and research design. Students are prepared for a variety of careers in social services, human resources and business areas.

Unique Features

Recommended for those interested in working in sales and marketing, human resources, social service agencies, etc.  Due to the sequential nature of coursework in this program, required pre-requisites, and four year online course rotations, this program is best suited to students with few or no transfer credits. If you have prior credits from our institution, are changing majors, or have questions about your options with this degree, please contact a Southeast Online advisor.

Admissions Requirements

Standard University admission requirements apply to this degree.

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Internships & Career Opportunities

  • Social service agencies
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human resources


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