Regents Approve Academic Program Changes

The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents today approved three academic program changes, including the addition of a new Graduate Certificate Program for Special Reading Licensure. Previously, the Department of Elementary, Early and Special Education offered various courses students took to gain necessary expertise for adding a reading teacher credential to their teaching license. To fulfill new Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requirements, courses for reading specialists must be moved into a formal program effective Aug. 1. The new program will facilitate the tracking of students’ progress and allow Southeast’s certification officer to determine when a student is eligible to be recommended for reading teacher licensure. Currently, students completing these courses submit a transcript to DESE to be awarded the license. The Regents also approved the renaming of the fashion merchandising option in the Bachelor of Science in human environmental studies to fashion and consumer studies. The new name more accurately describes the nature of the curriculum taught at Southeast, including recent updates to the program, and acknowledges the central role the consumer holds in all facets of the fashion industry. Lastly, the Regents today moved the Master of Arts in applied behavior analysis from the Department of Elementary, Early and Special Education to the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling (ELC). The degree program will remain with Southeast’s College of Education but now will be aligned with the counseling emphasis in ELC.