Summer Parking Lot Closures/Painting Announced

The following parking lots will be repainted starting Monday, May 15, through August. Parking lots will be periodically closed as work progresses across campus and will remain only temporarily closed during the mornings. Faculty and staff with current parking tags may park in any nearest open parking lot. Students with current parking tags will need to park in the next nearest open student parking lot. For more information, contact Parking Services at (573) 651-2310 or email Parking lot 1-02, commuter perimeter at 926 Broadway Parking lot 1-07, any permit lot at 222 N. Pacific Parking lot 1-10, preferred resident 'B' at 1209 Broadway Parking lot 1-15, preferred commuter 'C' at 350 N. Pacific Parking lot 1-20, Kent Library faculty and staff parking at 929 Normal Parking lot 1-25, Grauel faculty and staff parking at 480 N. Pacific Parking lot 2-07, Autism Center faculty and staff parking at 611 N. Fountain Parking lot 3-06, Towers North preferred resident 'A' at 1000 Tower Circle Parking lot 4-18, Preferred Commuter 'A' Parking lot 4-19, Special permit required parking at 998 Greek Dr. Parking lot 4-20, Faculty and staff 24-hour parking at 982 Greek Dr. Parking lot 6-03, Intramural parking at 1625 Old Spring Road Parking lot 7-01, River Campus preferred commuter and faculty and staff parking at 518 S. Fountain Parking lot 7-02, Faculty and staff parking at 518 S. Fountain Parking lot 7-03, Visitor parking at 475 Aquamsi St. Parking lot 7-04, River Campus 30-minute parking at 518 S. Fountain Parking lot 7-05, Dobbins Hall preferred resident parking at 302 Morgan Oak