Campus Technology Survey Now Available

LINK UPDATED - IF YOU TOOK THE SURVEY THIS MORNING, PLEASE RETAKE IT AGAIN TO ENSURE ACCURATE RESULTS. As part of Information Technology's (IT) efforts to improve information technology for the University, the campus community is asked to participate in the following survey available here. The survey should only take about 15 minutes. Please self-identify as either faculty, staff or student. IT is conducting this survey to assist with technology planning and to assess the quality of technology services on campus. This is an opportunity to voice frustrations, suggest improvements, and to help prioritize IT's future initiatives and allocation of resources. The survey uses a unique approach for rating different services. From the scores, IT will be able to understand which services are most important to users and how well IT is meeting expectations. Please take a few minutes to participate and use the 'Click Here to Tell Us How to Improve the Above Service' option after each question to provide suggestions on improvements. The results of this survey will be published on the IT web site at and will be used for open forum discussions in the Fall 2017 semester.