Planting a Seed: Baker Implement Company Donates Two Tractors to Southeast

For the second year in a row, Baker Implement Company, a farm equipment supply company in Cape Girardeau, has donated two tractors for use by the Department of Agriculture at Southeast Missouri State University. These two mid-sized tractors have all the latest equipment, making them a great resource for our students,” said Collin Schabbing, the Department of Agriculture’s farm manager at the David M. Barton Agriculture Research Center.  The University owns two older tractors, but the two provided by Baker Implement will help students learn the latest in farming technology. “We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner with Baker Implement and Case IH because this offers an extremely valuable learning opportunity for the students to see and get hands-on experience using the newest technologies in these tractors,” Schabbing said. Those features include precision agriculture, he continued, “like the self-drive mode, where the tractor uses GPS to guarantee straight and precise rows, allowing the students/farmers to take advantage of every inch of ground.” “We are happy to be in a position that benefits Southeast and the agriculture students,” said Steve Brown, Baker Implement Company store manager.  “Our industry changes rapidly, and students need to be familiar with this equipment,” he said.  “It will help them succeed after graduation.” Baker Implement Company donated two different tractors last year, in conjunction with the manufacturer, Case IH.  They have been used for corn and soybean production.  The new tractors, both Case IH 120-U series, are mid-sized tractors, outfitted with different tools than the Case IH Farmall 100C and Magnum 220 that were loaned to the University in June of 2016.  The new tractors will be used to teach students a variety of farming processes, including the University’s cattle and planting operations. “We are very grateful that Baker Implement Company and Case IH are working with us again this year to give Southeast students the best education possible,” said Dr. Julie Weathers, chair of the Department of Agriculture.  “We can’t thank them enough for their generosity and their commitment to educate those whose future is in agriculture.”