Kent Library's Athenaeum Series Presents 'Citizen CATE: Solar Eclipse Science for Everyone'

On Wednesday, March 29, at noon in Sadie's Place in Kent Library, Dr. Peggy Hill, professor of physics, and Dr. Michael Rodgers, professor of chemistry, will explore the basic science of eclipses and describe Southeast’s participation in the Citizen Continental America Telescope Eclipse (CATE) project, a nationwide endeavor by citizen astronomers from more than 60 sites positioned along the 'path of totality' taking images of the brightness of the inner solar corona during the upcoming Aug. 21 eclipse. The professors will also describe how to safely view and photograph a solar eclipse, concluding with a brief look at remarkable roles that eclipses have played in history, religion, the arts, psychology, pop culture and other aspects of the human experience. Natural, spectacular, rare and free, a total eclipse of the sun is an event every observer will remember for a lifetime. Refreshments will be served.