KRCU Discusses State Budget Cuts, Draft Tobacco Use/Smoking Policy with Vargas

KRCU General Manager Dan Woods recently sat down with Southeast President Carlos Vargas in the latest edition of “Vargas Speaks.” In the first segment, Vargas discusses the impact of state budget cuts on the University's FY2017 budget, and the impact of President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order on Southeast's international students. (On Thursday, Feb. 9, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decided not to reinstate Trump’s executive action on immigration and refugees while the policy works its way through the legal system. This occurred after this episode was recorded.) In the second segment, Vargas talks about the University's draft policy addressing tobacco use and smoking on campus and discusses his plans for 2017. In the last segment, Vargas discusses the University's plan for the total solar eclipse in August and about the visit by Dr. Michio Kaku as the keynote speaker as part of the celebration. To listen to the program, visit here. KRCU visits regularly with President Vargas, and the Newswire will continue to bring you these interviews.