IT Allowing Change in Displayed Name for Email

Beginning Feb. 6, Southeast employees may use their Banner “Preferred Name” as their first name to be displayed in Information Technology’s (IT) email system and directory. Over the years, IT has accommodated requests to change first names displayed in email accounts by manually modifying email records. For example, IT has manually updated email records for employees who go by their middle name and not their legal first name. No action is needed if an employee normally uses their legal first name. However, if a name other than an employee's legal first name is used, employees may consider updating their Banner “Preferred Name.” This will also update the email directory and make it easier to find individual contact information. NOTE: Once this goes into effect, middle names or middle initials will also be displayed, unless employees update their Banner “Preferred Name. If an employee does not want their middle name displayed, they must update their preferred name as simply their legal first name. See the following examples:

Legal Name

Preferred Name

Display Name

Floyd Dean Davenport


Davenport, Floyd Dean

Floyd Dean Davenport


Davenport, Dean

Floyd Dean Davenport


Davenport, Floyd

To update a Banner “Preferred Name:”

  1. Log into the Southeast Portal at
  2. Select Employee SS tab
  3. Select 'Update Preferred First' name located in the Personal Information box on the right side of the screen
NOTE: If an employee has requested IT to make this change for them in the past, they MUST update their Banner “Preferred Name” to retain their current displayed email name. Remember: The Banner preferred name is only used for informal communications. An employee’s legal name is still on file and is used for the Form W-2, W-4 tax withholding, Form I-9 employment eligibility and other required legal documentation. For more information, contact the IT Help Desk at ext. 4357 or email