Weathers Named New Member of Missouri’s Agriculture Leaders of Tomorrow

Dr. Julie Weathers, associate professor of agriculture at Southeast Missouri State University, was recently awarded membership in Missouri’s Agriculture Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT). “I am honored to be selected for ALOT, and excited to continue learning and broadening my horizons in agricultural knowledge,” Weathers said. ALOT provides advanced leadership experiences to make a positive impact to the future of agriculture and agribusiness in Missouri and beyond. It provides a two-year leadership training program targeted toward rural leaders and agricultural producers who have a passion to promote Missouri agriculture and strengthen their rural communities. Weathers learned about the program through the Department of Agriculture’s involvement as a Friend of ALOT. As a member, she will be able to build connections and increase the University’s involvement in Missouri’s agriculture industry, Weathers said. “I hope to highlight the great things Southeast’s Department of Agriculture is accomplishing and help our students and alumni to be more integrated into the agribusiness industry,” she said. The ALOT program includes in-state sessions, a seminar in Washington D.C., and an international experience to a country that impacts Missouri agriculture. These programs are meant to enhance participants’ communication and leadership skills, expand their understanding of agricultural issues, encourage involvement and leadership initiative in their industry and communities, and connect them to ALOT’s alumni. By focusing on her own personal growth in agriculture, Weathers hopes to become a more effective leader at the University and in Missouri’s agriculture industry, she said. She said she hopes the experiences she gains through ALOT will translate to opportunities for the University and students. “I think a lot of Missouri doesn’t know how amazing our students here at Southeast are, and I hope by being a part of this program, I can help to show the agricultural industry how wonderful our students are and what amazing things we keep seeing from our graduates and current students,” Weathers said.