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MyMathTest is a dynamic, interactive testing program. Access to the MyMathTest program has been provided for you by Southeast Missouri State University.

Before you Begin

To register for MyMathTest you will need

  • A MyMathTest student access code: WSSMMT-PUREE-KENDO-BOUGH-TAPIR-BIDES
  • SEMO’s zip code: 63701
  • A valid Southeast ID: S0 (followed by six digits)
  • A valid email address. Use your Southeast email address if you have one.

Student Registration

  • Go to and click the “Student” button under “Register Now”.
  • Read the next screen. You will not need a credit card. You will use the student access code given to you above. Click on “OK! Register now”.
  • When it asks “Do you have an access code?” click on “Yes” and “Next”.
  • Please read all information in the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Click on ACCEPT if you agree to the terms.
  • When it asks “Do you have a Pearson Education Account?” click “No”.
  • Follow the instructions on the next screen to create your personal login and password.
  • Type in your student access code (provided above) using the tab key to move from one box to the next.
  • When it prompts you to enter your First name, Last name enter the information as the University knows you. For the prompt Email type in your Southeast email address if you have one otherwise type in an email address of an account you check regularly. Re-type your email address to make sure it is correct.
  • Select United States from the School Country drop-down menu.
  • Answer the questions related to the school. Enter the zip code of Southeast Missouri State University (63701), the school is SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ST UNIV.
  • Select a security question and answer to ensure the privacy of your account.
  • When your registration process is complete you will see a confirmation screen. This information will also be emailed to you. Please be sure to save or print your login name, password, and account information.
  • Click Log In Now and then click on “Sign in” with your newly created account information.

Logging In

  • Go to and enter the login name and password you created. Click on Enter MyMathTest.
  • The first time you log in you need to enroll in one of the SEMO Placement sections.
  • Type in the first code below. If that section is full, type in the second code. (Note: Ø means the number zero, O means the letter O.)
    • 2018 Math Placement Code – 1 XL2W-81ZB-1Ø1Y-3EV2
    • 2018 Math Placement Code – 2 XL2W-81ZK-2Ø1Y-2EV2
  • The computer will show you a program at the top of the screen. If that is the program from the list above that you want, then click Enroll. If it isn’t, then re-enter the Program ID from the list above.
  • Before you can work in the assessment, you must enter your Southeast ID. This should be 9 characters which start with S01 followed by 6 more numbers.
  • The program opens to the announcements page. Click on “View all announcements”, then please review ALL of the program information. This is very important.
  • Before you start: Run the Browser Check to ensure you have the necessary plugins and players installed.
  • MyMathTest supports PC and Mac computers, using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • After completing the installation process and closing the wizard you will be back on your program home page.
  • NOTE: The MyMathTest software may already be installed on student lab computers at your school. If you aren’t sure, check with your lab administrator.
  • On the left menu bar, click on Take A Test.
  • You must complete the Student Test Orientation at 80% correct before you are ready to begin working with MyMathTest.
  • You are welcome to take the Practice Tests as many times as you want prior to taking the assessment you are supposed to take. The link for the Practice Tests is below the list of assessments.
  • Select the exam you wish to take. You may take an exam only one time. You may take the exams in any order and to pass a level you must score 80% or better. If you do not pass a level, you are not allowed to take any higher-level exam.
  • Good luck!


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