Life in the Honors Program


The Golden Owl Program is a new form of point system for the Jane Stephens Honors Program. You earn a Golden Owl for participating in different activities throughout the semester. Some of these activities include: attending an honors event, participating in a committee, spending an hour at the Honors House per month, and many more. We will be keeping track of the Golden Owls throughout the semester, and at the end, whoever has the most will receive a prize. We are doing this to encourage more participation from those in the program. It also provides a new incentive to be an active member.

What is the Golden Owl Program?
• The Golden Owl Program is a fun competition for honors students and faculty where you can accumulate points (owls) throughout the semester through various activities. Once reaching certain amounts of points, participants can win prizes and towards the end of the semester there will be a grand prize.
How do Golden Owls work?
• Once you receive 20 points, you get a large owl with your name on it put on the fireplace at the Honors House. With every ten points you receive after that, you will receive a smaller owl to go under your big owl.
• The top three people with the most owls will be posted on the Honors Facebook page weekly.
What do I get out of this?
• Aside from the joys of being involved in the honors program, we have prizes (while supplies last) that you can receive at certain Golden Owl milestones:

  • 1st Golden Owl—Jane Stephens Honors Program merchandise
  • 5 Golden Owls—SEMO merchandise
  • 10 Golden Owls—Mystery Food Prize
  • 15 Golden Owls—Movie Gift Basket

How do I get points?
• Attendance at the Honors House

  • 1 point per hour stayed
  • Students must sign in and out with our scanner system at the front desk.
    • If you fail to sign in, you do not receive points.
    • If you fail to sign out before you leave the house, you also do not receive points.
  • Faculty must sign an attendance sheet at the front desk with the times you were here to get points.

Go to Honors events

  • 5 points per event
  • Students and faculty must sign attendance sheet at the front desk during the event.
  • You cannot receive additional attendance points for being at the event. Just the basic 5 points for going.

• Solving Honors House brain teasers:

  • There are three whiteboards in the Honors House; each will have a brain teaser on it from time to time. The first student to come to the front desk with the answer to the brain teaser will receive points for the problem.
  • Each problem is worth 3 points.

• Volunteering

  • If you participate at a volunteer event that the honors council is holding or that you learning about through the honors program, you will earn 5 points for the event.

• Student/Faculty Honors Councils

  • Council members will receive 5 points for their hard work.
    • However, they will not receive attendance points for being at the Honors House on council business.
  • People not on the council can receive points for helping the council when needed.

There will possibly be more opportunities to earn points for Owls throughout the semester, so keep a look out for those! Please let us know if you have any questions.



Event Name

Date Time
Faculty Meet & Greet (At LaFerla) 9/18/18 5-6:30 pm
Honors House of Horrors 10/25/18 6-8 pm

Laferla Exterior

LaFerla Honors Floor

We are excited to announce that in Fall 2017 we are moving the honors floor to LaFerla Hall. LaFerla has a bunch of cool features that would be beneficial to honors students:

  • Study rooms with white boards on each wing
  • Lounges, microwaves, and TVs
  • A large lounge of the first floor with TVs, a full kitchen, free laundry, pool tables, and a multipurpose space
  • Less than a 5 minute walk to the Recreation Center/Show Me Center
  • Close proximity to a large number of academic including Dempster, Johnson, Scully, McGill, and Polytech

LaFerla Hall Photos


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