At Southeast Missouri State University, we cover every aspect of life at every level.

Our strengths lie in the versatility of our program and in the individualized support we provide our students. Our biology undergraduate program provides a strong foundation in general biology with an emphasis on discovering and developing individual creativity. Students will study in the classroom, in the field, and in the lab to receive hands-on learning and real-world experience.

Academic Programs 

Biology is your passport to understanding the human body, genetics, evolution, and the environment. It's a gateway to fascinating topics like DNA, ecosystems, animal behavior, and even cutting-edge biotechnology that's changing the world.

About the Department of Biology

  • Experiential Learning

    Students receive hands-on experience in the Department of Biology. Through experiential learning, we believe the best way to understand the textbooks is by practicing first-hand.
  • Area Natural Resources

    Southeast Missouri State University is located at the head of the Mississippi River Delta, and the area boasts numerous natural resources for students to learn from. Located just one mile from the Mississippi River, the University can offer a unique setting for aquatic studies. Upland, our students work with conservation personnel to study and maintain Missouri natural resources and the Shawnee National Forest, the most northern Bald Cypress swamp, lies just across the Mississippi.
  • Facilities and Learning Opportunities

    Students will find on-campus facilities such as state-of-the-art labs and classrooms. Southeast has an animal room, the Center for Environmental Analysis, greenhouses, the Center for Aquatic Studies, and a unique collaboration with the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL). SEMO is also home to a herbarium.

Expert Faculty

Our expert faculty work closely with students to achieve their academic goals. With small class sizes, students will receive hands-on, experiential learning tactics in real-world situations. Our faculty care deeply about the success of their students, and our departmental learning outcomes are as impressive as the professors themselves.


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