The aim of the EDhawk Scholars program is the development of a beneficial partnership between Southeast Missouri State University Educator Preparation program, school districts, and teacher candidates starting during the Advanced Field Experience placement. This program will provide Scholars with the opportunity to develop a unique relationship with a school district. Participating school districts will gain early access to teacher candidates, as well as an increase in high-quality substitute teachers. 

EDhawk Scholars

Partner Schools 

  • Receive a pool of highly qualified substitute teachers 
  • Early opportunities to identify potential hires 
  • Great opportunity to help develop the next group of teachers 


  • Authentic teaching opportunities 
  • Pay for subbing 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Participation in Interviews from District Leadership 
  • Guaranteed student teaching placement 
  • Guaranteed interview when applicable 


  • Opportunity to create authentic learning opportunities for students 
  • Further strengthening and developing community relationships 
  • Highlight excellence in our college 
  • Assisting the facilitation of placing students 

  • Scholars must commit to completing student teaching in a participating district. 
  • Scholars must have at least a 3.0 GPA in education courses 
  • 5-9, 9-12, and K-12: 3.0 GPA in content coursework 
  • Scholars must submit 1 recommendation 
  • Scholars must have a valid Missouri substitute certificate 

Candidates with the following will receive preferred consideration 

  • Educational technology badges to meet technology expectations 
  • Evidence of previous substitute teaching 

Expectations of the EDhawk Scholars 

  • Have a valid substitute certificate by the start of the first semester of the program 
  • Be familiar with district processes for hiring substitute teachers. 
  • Complete substitute teacher training with participating districts 
  • Commit to substitute teaching in a district. 
  • Commit to completing student teaching in one or more of the participating districts 
  • Attend appropriate professional development activities in the district if possible. 
  • Meet all established requirements for student teaching and be enrolled in an Advance Field Experience course 
  • Attend meetings and communicate regularly with Scholars Sponsor 
  • Professional expectations 

Expectations of Southeast Missouri State University Educator Preparation Program 

  • Collaborate with the selected school districts in the selection of each cohort of EDhawk Scholars. 
  • Provide additional support for Scholars through regular communication and meetings. 
  • Provide aggregated/de-identifiable data on EDhawk Scholars’ performance upon request. 
  • Work with the district on professional development opportunities if requested. 

Expectations of the School District 

  • Participate in the selection of each cohort of EDhawk Scholars 
  • Provide a field placement for each of the Scholars during the first semester of the Scholars Program. 
  • Guarantee a substitute teaching opportunity every Friday semester of the Scholars Program. 
  • Allow Scholars to participate in district professional development opportunities as appropriate. 
  • Guarantee a student teaching placement in the district for the appropriate semester of the Scholars Program. 
  • Guarantee an interview if the district has an open position for which a graduating Fellow is qualified.
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