Explore your future career and gain practical experience with an internship while receiving academic credit.

Accounting, Economics, and Finance students have the option of completing an internship for academic credit. The internship coordinator/contact is Rebecca Lohmann. 

Seeking an Internship 

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Must have a cumulative and major GPA of 2.0 
  • Must have completed AC321 
  • Must be an accounting major (internships are not available for minors) 
  • Complete an application to be an intern 
  • Update your resume. Here are some examples of great resumes.
  • Email your resume to Rebecca Lohmann 
  • Once an internship is obtained and approved, you and the employer must complete an internship contract 
  • If this internship is with a new company, you will need to have the employer read and complete the employer guidelines. This will need to be returned to Rebecca Lohmann. 

Once the contract is returned, Rebecca will sign you up for the internship class. 

  • You can gain 1-15 hours of credit. 
  • For every 40 hours worked on the job, you will earn 1 credit hour. 
  • AC473 Internship is available up to 3 credit hours. This will go toward your accounting degree. 
  • BA573 Internship is available up to 12 credit hours. This will go toward your 150 hours to be eligible for the CPA exam. 
  • Rebecca will need to know how many credit hours you want for credit. 

Current Interns 

These items must be completed to gain credit for the internship. 

During the Internship 

  • Email Rebecca Lohmann every two weeks with a brief summary of what you have been doing at your internship. 
  • It is your responsibility to bring any concerns or problems to Rebecca's attention immediately. 

Upon Completion 

  • The supervisor needs to complete and return the employer evaluation directly to Rebecca Lohmann.
  • You need to complete the self-evaluation and return to Rebecca Lohmann. 
  • Interns are to complete a typed journal on their internship experience and email to Rebecca Lohmann within two weeks of completion of the internship. The journal should contain the following components: 
    • Overview of the company or firm 
      • Brief history and mission 
      • Overview of products and/or services provided. 
    • Job analysis of intern position
      • Description of tasks performed, including procedures and responsibilities. 
      • Computer hardware and software and other equipment used. 
      • Summary time and activities log (weekly report). 
      • If you did the same jobs on a regular basis, it is not necessary to describe those same jobs in detail again. 
    • Reaction to internship
      • Benefits gained through internship experience. 
        (List most beneficial and least beneficial aspects of your internship experience) 
      • Would you recommend this internship site to a future intern? Explain. 
    • Evaluation of internship and traditional classroom components
      • Discuss course work or activities most valuable in preparation for internship. 
      • Identify course work or activities you wish you had completed before internship. 
      • Suggested changes in curriculum or activities to strengthen business and internship program.
      • What effect did this internship have on your future career goals? 
  • Intern should schedule an appointment with Rebecca to complete an exit interview. At this appointment, please bring the self-evaluation form and email the journal prior to the scheduled appointment. The interview will last about 10 minutes and it allows the department the opportunity to learn about your internship experience. 
  • This internship is not for a letter grade but is either pass/fail which is credit or no credit. 
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