We believe in doing. It’s not that we’re all work and no play, it’s that with passion, there’s no other option. That’s who we are.

We’re looking for other creatives ready to write, sing, report, dance, strategize, and create. The Holland College of Arts and Media, doesn’t just prepare students for their careers. We let them do those careers now. Our students are immersed in the careers they want as part of their classes. And, we teach you how to land that career once you graduate. Auditions, headshots, reels, portfolios. You’ll create that here, so you can succeed out there.

Matching Passion with a Program


The Holland College of Arts and Media offers 20 undergraduate areas of study across four departments in the college, graduating talented creatives ready to take that talent and showcase it in all areas of media and the arts.

Holland College of Arts and Media by the Numbers

  • 100+


    More than 100 exhibitions and productions every year give students real-world experience and give audiences all the feels. From award-winning musicals to original theatre, from gallery openings to film festivals, from the symphony to jazz and all genres between.

  • 1

    Only Campus

    The River Campus is Missouri’s only campus dedicated to art, dance, music, and theatre. We’re serious about our programs, so you can be sure we’ll be serious about your education.

  • 30

    Top 30 Nationally

    The Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre and Dance is Missouri’s top ranked theatre program and also ranked in the top 30 nationally. In addition to mainstage and second stage shows at the River Campus, the Conservatory has been known to take it on the road as well, bringing home the Best of Festival Production Award at the New York Musical Festival.

  • 2

    Mass Media

    The Department of Mass Media is one of only two accredited mass media programs in the state of Missouri. Our newspaper and students consistently win national awards. In addition to multimedia journalism, other specializations include advertising, public relations, and TV/film. 

Yamaha Institution of Excellence

Southeast Missouri State was among the inaugural class of elite institutions across the globe to be named a Yamaha Institution of Excellence. The distinction cements Southeast's collaboration with Yamaha into music technology and innovation. The designation from Yamaha is awarded to institutions demonstrating dedication to providing unique and challenging experiences to their music students through diversity of thought and curriculum, exposure to a wider variety of voices, and an emphasis on preparing students for the modern world of music.

To Land the Job, You Have to Do the Job.

At Southeast, we believe education means more than classroom experience. That's why, here, you'll go on air, make a pitch, get a byline, take the stage, design the lighting, meet with clients, or exhibit your work as part of your classes. You’ll perform before sold-out audiences. You’ll report live. You’ll work with real clients. And, you’ll learn how to make sure you can translate those experiences into getting the job you want. Because we believe not only in perfecting the craft but also making sure people know just how talented our students are.

Accreditation affirms the high-level quality of the arts and media programs and the commitment to continuous improvement.

Southeast Programs Are Accredited By

  • National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) logo
  • National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) logo
  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) logo
  • Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) logo
  • Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) logo
  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) logo

Diversity & Inclusion

Do you know what makes anything great? Everything. A variety of opinions, perspectives, and experiences. Diversity is important to the Holland College, and we work to foster that and provide a welcoming community for all, led by our Diversity Committee.

Supporting the Whole Artist

The Holland College works to support the holistic development of student artists. In addition to groundbreaking academics, the college partners with the Department of Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences and Mercy Hospital Southeast to support performers' health and well-being through a CHART Clinic that offers access to athletic trainers.

World Class Entertainment

Each year, the Holland College of Arts and Media puts on hundreds of events from Broadway musicals to symphonies from jazz festivals to art exhibitions, whatever entertainment is calling you, we have just the ticket.

Dean, Holland College of Arts & Media

"We believe these nationally accredited academic departments represent some of the best programs in the state and the Midwest. Our facilities are diverse, ranging from the only college campus dedicated to art, dance, music, and theatre in Missouri to the Rust Center for Media in the heart of downtown Cape Girardeau. Students will find dynamic, industry-tested faculty providing countless experiential learning opportunities to ensure they’re career ready."

Rhonda Weller-Stilson

Rhonda Weller-Stilson portrait

Who are Earl & Margie Holland? 

Southeast has been able to bring together the Departments of Art & Design, Mass Media, and Music, and the Dobbions Conservatory of Theatre & Dance through the generosity of Earl and Margie Holland. Their donation has been the largest cash gift in the University’s history and helped make the College and the River Campus a reality. We  offer students a unique facility, where programs  cut across  disciplines, that are offered in settings promoting the study of all the arts.

Our Mission 

The Holland College prepares students to launch careers in the arts, design, entertainment, and media industries while inspiring excellence and a passion for training, knowledge, critical thinking, creativity, and global engagement.


River Campus Seminary 306
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One University Plaza, MS 7895
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