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Minor in Sociology

(18 Credit Hours)

The primary purpose of the minor in sociology is to provide the opportunity to study social behavior and institutions. This discipline touches upon all facets of life and can supplement most other disciplines since work life is nested within social institutions. This minor can support other disciplines including art and theater, business, social sciences, science and technology, health studies, and the humanities.

The minor in Sociology requires a good foundation of the study of sociology with the requirement of SO 102 Society, Culture and Social Behavior. The minor also creates a good foundation of significant cultural contributions of race and ethnicity (SO 320 Racial & Ethnic Relations) and social and economic class (SO 3xx Social Stratification). The elective courses provide the student the opportunity to engage in many different areas of social culture and institutions including the family, crime and social research.

Effective as of Fall 2018

Required Core: (6 hours) Credit Hours
SO 102 Society, Culture and Social Behavior 3
SO 320 Racial & Ethnic Relations 3
SO 3xx Social Stratification 3
Electives: (12 credit hours; at least 9 hours must be 300-500 level)
SO 205 Social Problems in America 3
SO 242 Statistics for Social Scientist 3
SO 300 Organized / White-Collar Crime 3
SO 305 Intersections of Crime 3
SO 360 Theories of Crime 3
SO 375 Collective Behavior 3
SO 385 Family Violence 3
SO 444 Deviant Social Behavior 3


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