Minor in Criminal Justice

(15 credit hours)

The primary purpose of the minor in Criminal Justice is to provide students the opportunity to study the criminal justice system and how it relates to the enforcement of criminal law and the investigation, punishment and treatment of those who are accused of violating the law. Students who want to supplement their own study with a study of the criminal justice system can pursue career in a field that has indirect engagement with criminal justice agencies (social workers, political scientists, lawyers, etc.).

The minor in Criminal Justice requires a good foundation of the study of the criminal justice system with the requirement of CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice. The minor also semi-directs students to choose a path to study one of two main areas of the criminal justice field: law enforcement or corrections. Students interested in a supplemental study of law enforcement are directed to take CJ 110 Introduction to Law Enforcement; students interested in a supplemental study of corrections are directed to take CJ 125 Introduction to Corrections. Requiring one of these two classes gives access to 300-500 level courses in those fields. There are other CJ 300-500 courses that do not require one of these courses (CJ 110 or CJ 125) as a prerequisite. Please see your advisor and check the most recent catalog for updated prerequisite requirements.

Effective as of Fall 2018

Required Core: (6 Credit Hours) Credit Hours
CJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJ110 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3
CJ125 Introduction to Corrections 3
Electives: (9 Credit Hours)
CJ 300-500 level courses


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