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BioKyowa Visiting Japanese Scholar Program

BioKyowa Visitng Japanese Scholar Program

In conjunction with Southeast Missouri State University and the Center for Faulkner Studies, BioKyowa, Inc., sponsors a Visiting Japanese Scholar Program. The program brings one Japanese scholar each year to the Southeast campus to conduct research in the Brodsky Collection and to participate in various types of cultural exchanges.

The BioKyowa Visiting Japanese Scholar Program is designed to honor the special relationship that Faulkner developed with citizens of Japan during an official visit to the country on behalf of the U.S. Department of State in 1955. Since then almost all of Faulkner's works have been published in Japanese translations, and today there is a thriving interest in Faulkner's works among Japanese readers and scholars.

Participants in the program must be Japanese natives who are faculty members or graduate students at a Japanese university and who have a demonstrable interest in the life and works of William Faulkner. While at Southeast, the visiting scholar, in addition to conducting research, delivers a public lecture on some aspect of Japanese or American literature and/or visits with a number of classes related to his or her academic area. The length of the visit is ordinarily one to two weeks (but may be longer) and is scheduled at a time that is mutually satisfactory to both the visiting scholar and the Center for Faulkner Studies.

BioKyowa reimburses the scholar's travel and per diem expenses up to a maximum of $3,000. Payment is made following the submission of receipts to the Center for Faulkner Studies after the visit has been concluded.

BioKyowa, Inc of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. LTD.

BioKyowa, Inc., a subsidiary of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., LTD., opened its Cape Girardeau plant in 1984 as the first major investment by a Japanese manufacturing company in the state of Missouri. Since its beginning, BioKyowa has gone through several multimillion dollar expansions, evolving into a multiple-plant facility producing high quality, value-added amino acids for products such as nutritional food supplements and fine chemicals.

BioKyowa, Inc. is a caring corporate citizen. In addition to the Visiting Japanese Scholar Program, BioKyowa funds a scholarship program at Southeast Missouri State University and supports numerous other civic and charitable organizations.

BioKyowa has been twice honored with the "Industry of the Year" award by the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce.

Previous BioKyowa Visiting Japanese Scholars

1999, Ikuko Fujihira, Tokyo Gakugei University
2000, Kiyoko Toyama, Tokyo Woman's Christian University
2001, Toshio Koyama, Kwansei Gakuin University*
2002, Hisao Tanaka, Hiroshima University
2003, Yayoi Okada, Kwansei Gakuin University
2004, Takaki Hiraishi, University of Tokyo
2005, Takako Tanaka, Nagoya City University
2006, Nobuaki Namiki, Senshu University
2007, Mariko Hiwatashi, Fukuoka University
2008, Eiko Owada, Waseda University
2009, Hironori Hayase, Saga University
2010, Hisao Tanaka, Fukuyama University
2011, Noboru Yamashita, Soai University
2012, Kazumi Shigesako, Hijiyama University
2013, Satoshi Kanazawa, Kyoto Prefectural University
2014, Koichi Suwabe, University of Tokyo
2015, Yukihiro Tsukada, Kwansei Gakuin University
2016, Shinya Matsuoka, Ryukoku University
2017, Arinori Mori, Chukyo University
2018, Kumiko Kobayashi, Kyoto University
2019, Koichi Fujino, Seinan Gakuin University

*Professor Koyama's description of his visit to the Faulkner Center can be found in the September 2002 issue of the William Faulkner Journal of Japan.

Japanese scholars wishing to be considered for the award should contact the William Faulkner Society of Japan or the Center for Faulkner Studies.

For more information, contact:

Christopher Rieger, Director
Center for Faulker Studies
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Or e-mail the Center at


(573) 651-2620
Kent Library 406
Center for Faulkner Studies
One University Plaza, MS 4600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701