Hi, there! My name is Hailee Long, and I’m a recreation and park administration and marketing management double major from Lee’s Summit, MO, which is just outside of Kansas City. Need even more reasons to call Southeast home? I’ve got a couple.

A group of Southeast students wearing matching polos smiling for a group photo. 

The Opportunities
We don’t say we have the “will to do” for no reason. Southeast’s academic programs are, to put it simply, outstanding, and the faculty are superb. But we can’t forget about other experiences that Southeast offers, like the opportunity to study abroad or have an internship, just to name a few. At Southeast, there are literally so many things to do.

The People
I’m shy. Painfully so. Leaving behind my carefully-crafted group of friends and family seemed horrible, and I seriously questioned if college was even for me. But during my campus tour, I saw so many friendly, smiling faces, that college seemed just a little bit more realistic. Southeast has some of the best people you will ever meet. Seriously.

The Support
Need help with your resume? Your English paper? Starting a student organization? Southeast offers a variety of services and resources to help you do whatever it is you want to do. As an adult-in-training, being able to get some (sometimes much-needed) assistance from knowledgeable and enthusiastic faculty and staff is crucial. It also makes college 100% easier.

The Campus
Don’t let Cardiac Hill distract you; Southeast may be hilly, but it sure is beautiful. For me, Southeast is home away from home. It’s where I live, work, and play and I could not think of a better place to be. The campus boasts unique, storied buildings (I’m looking at you, Academic) and is extremely walkable. What are you waiting for? Experience the charm for yourself by scheduling a campus tour.

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