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Graduate Courses


Course Number Course Name
BI500 Fundamental Concepts of Bioenergetics
BI501 Fundamental Concepts of Genetics
BI502 Fundamental Concepts of Ecology
BI503 Fundamental Concepts of Evolution
BI543 Pathogenic Microbiology
BI544 Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory
BI551-553 Biology Field Studies (1-3 cr)
BI570 The Development of Instructional Materials for Courses in the Biological Sciences
BI589-591 Biological Research (1-3 cr)
BI600 Health Physics
BI604 Cell Biology
BI614 Current Problems in Cell and Molecular Biology
BI620 Principles of Wildlife Management
BI625 GIS Planning for Emergency Management
BI630 Management of Wildlife Habitat
BI632 Advanced Ecology
BI634 Marine Evolutionary Ecology
BI635 Conservation Biology
BI638 Biogeography
BI640 Ecology and Management of Wetlands
BI641 Virology
BI642 Immunology
BI643 Epidemiology
BI645 Microbial Physiology
BI647 Fundamentals of Disaster/Emergency Management and Planning
BI648 Disaster/Emergency Management Planning and Response
BI649 Vulnerability, Risk Reduction and Critical Incident Management
BI650 Investigative Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
BI652 Freshwater Ecology
BI653 Occupational Health
BI654 Risk Assessment Applications
BI655 Industrial Hygiene
BI656 Fundamental Risk Communication in Emergency Management
BI660 Introduction to Toxicology
BI669 Wildlife Toxicology
BI684 Readings in Biology (1 cr)
BI685 Topics in Biology
BI688 Experimental Design
BI689 Graduate Seminar I
BI690 Graduate Seminar II
BI693 Readings in Biology (2 cr)
BI694 Thesis (3 cr)
BI696 Thesis (2 cr)
BI697 Thesis (1 cr)


Course Number Course Name
BT650 Investigative Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


Course Number Course Name
BO501 Fundamental Concepts of Botany
BO620 Ethnobotany
BO645 Plant Physiology
BO661 Native Aquatic Plants
BO669 Field Botany


Course Number Course Name
ZO501 Fundamental Concepts of Zoology
ZO614 Developmental Biology
ZO620 Animal Behavior
ZO630 Invertebrate Zoology
ZO641 Parasitology
ZO645 Aquatic Entomology
ZO659 Mammalogy
ZO660 Herpetology
ZO665 Entomology
ZO666 Ornithology
ZO669 Vertebrate Adaptations
ZO678 Ichthyology
Gulf Coast Marine Biology Courses


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