waiting list

The Department of Biology will be keeping a waiting list for all of their courses (BI, BO, BS, ZO prefixes) at the departmental office (Rhodes 224). The procedure to follow is this:

  1. If you attempt to enroll in a course which is closed, you have three choices:
    • enroll in an alternate sections;
    • be placed on the waiting list for the original course section;
    • do not enroll in that course.
  2. If you choose to be placed on the waiting list, you must come to the Department of Biology office or call the office at (573) 651-2170. You will be asked to provide the following:
    • name;
    • student ID number
    • all section numbers you can take for the course you are trying to add;
    • a telephone number.
  3. The waiting list will be kept on a first come/first served basis. You must have reached your enrollment date before being placed on a waiting list (i.e., you cannot be put on the waiting list in anticipation of the course being full when your time comes to enroll).
  4. If space becomes available which allows you to enroll in the waiting list course, the secretary will call you to be sure that you still want the course. If the answer is yes, she will add the course to your enrollment. If the answer is no, your name will be deleted from the waiting list.

If another section is added, people on the waiting list will be called to see if the new section will fit into their schedule. If so, then the student will be added to the course. If not, the name will remain on the waiting list.

Note: The secretary will make several attempts to reach a person by phone.  If she is unable to contact the student or a call is not returned, then your name may be skipped and move on to the next person on the list.

The waiting list continues until the last day to add a class (Friday of the first week of classes). Please notify the Biology Department if there is a change in your information (i.e., you no longer need/want the course, there is a change in the sections you can use, or your telephone number changes).


Rhodes Hall 224
Department of Biology
One University Plaza, MS 6200
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701