Minors are a secondary area of academic focus.

This can be helpful if you have several areas you’d like to study but don’t want to do a double major. A minor can complement your main course of study by enhancing the value of your major, helping you to find an area of specialization within your major. Or, your minor can just be something you really enjoy and want to know more about. Some degrees require a minor.

The anthropology minor curriculum provides knowledge and skills that have immediate practical application and are in high demand across a wide variety of careers and professions.

Anthropology Minor
(18 Hours)

Required Courses:

  • AN 181 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • AN 317 Ethnographic Field Methods (3)

Choose 12 Hours (6 hours must be 300 level or above):

  • AN 100 Foundations of Human Behavior (3)
  • AN 101 Observing Cultures (3)
  • AN 180 Introductory Anthropology: Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (3)
  • AN 333 Applied Anthropology (3)
  • AN 341 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (3)
  • AN 355 Special Topics in Anthropology (3)
  • AN 360 Meso-American Civilizations (3)
  • AN 375 Anthropology of Religion (3)
  • AN 493 Anthropology Theory Seminar:  Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics (3)
  • UI 339 North American Indians (3)

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