Students who minor in jazz studies will take courses in American Musical Experience, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Harmony, Jazz History, and perform with the Jazz Band.

Minors are a secondary area of academic focus. Declaring a minor can be helpful if you are wanting a different area of study, but not declaring another major. You can minor in something that compliments your major, or something you find interesting!  

Jazz Studies Minor
(20 Hours Required)

Required Courses:

  • MH310 Popular Music in America and Beyond (3)
  • MH327 Jazz History (3)
  • MM324 Jazz Harmony (3)
  • MU251 Jazz Improvisation I (3)
  • MU320 Jazz Improvisation II (3)
  • MU329 Jazz Combo (1+1)
  • MU387 Jazz Band (1+1+1)



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