Dual Credit / Early College Credit

Are you concerned about costs? As a high school student, Southeast Missouri State University is here to help you get started in an affordable way. We offer Dual Credit and Early College Credit (DC/ECC) for about a third of the cost! Do you have the will to get started early? If so, contact your High School counselor.

When reviewing our Fee Schedule, be sure to look in the "Special Tuition Rates" section for the Dual Credit & Early College Credit rate, not the traditional undergraduate rates.

DC/ECC students are also given the same cost-saving opportunity to rent textbooks, if the high school does not provide them. This rental rate is also listed on our Fee Schedule, under "Other Common Fees".

Important Things to Remember:
  • Tuition is billed based on the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled. The more classes, the more it costs.

  • Your tuition bill will be mailed to your permanent address. Please make sure you share this bill with your parents. We also offer an online Account Summary allowing you to view the entire account history and make online payments. A printable Online Schedule Bill is available once the semester begins.

  • If your bill is not paid on time, you may be cancelled from your course(s). If you are cancelled for non-payment, contact us immediately to determine if reinstatement is an option.

  • Be sure to check your Southeast email regularly, as official billing correspondence will be sent there.

  • Dual credit students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Paying your bill on time is important. Southeast offers a variety of Payment Options, so find the option that best suits you! Payment should always be made directly to Student Financial Services, not to the Dual Credit office or your high school.

You will receive a paper bill at your permanent address once registration occurs at Southeast. This means Southeast must have received and processed enrollment paperwork, which takes time after you submit it to your high school counselor. Keep in mind, that you are still responsible for making payment along the standard due dates for all students. These are shown on our Student Financial Calendar.

Authorized Users:

Want to let your parent view your charges (and even make payment for you online)? Set them up as an Authorized User!

You can grant authorized access to your parent(s), or any other person of your choosing, to access your Account Summary. This does not give them full access to your Southeast portal, but billing information only. Check out our instructions on granting access.

Who to Contact:

Knowing who to contact can be half of the battle. Different charges you may experience are assessed by various offices. Depending on the charge, it is usually best to start with the following:

Admissions Fee Admissions: 573.651.2290
Tuition and General Fees Student Financial Services: 573.651.2253
Electronic Course Access Student Financial Services: 573.651.2253
Course/Program Fees Student Financial Services: 573.651.2253
Textbook Rental Dual Credit: 573.986.6179
Enrollment Questions Dual Credit: 573.986.6179

Third Party Funding:

Do you have a third party sponsor or believe that you are eligible for National Guard Tuition Assistance? Contact us to discuss this further.

Dropping Classes:

Students may decide that dual credit is not for them for a variety of reasons. If you decide to drop a course, then you need to pay attention to the Student Financial Calendar. Depending on when you drop a course, a fee adjustment may or may not be applied to your Southeast account. Every class has a scheduled refund period, and dropping a course may create a credit balance owed to the student (a refund) or a balance owed to Southeast if charges remain.

If you believe that dropping a course is best, speak to your high school counselor to begin the process and complete paperwork. Students who are home schooled may submit the Dual Credit Drop Request directly to the Dual Credit Office.

Completing Classes May Lead to a Scholarship:

Southeast offers compensation for all of your hard work! By completing dual credit courses, not only are you getting an early start on your degree, but you may qualify for the Southeast Dual Enrollment Scholarship if you join us as a freshman after high school. Not only is this a great opportunity initially, but this renewable scholarship can help you for years to come. The Dual Enrollment Scholarship may not be combined with another Southeast Merit Scholarship.

Parents are a vital part of a student's education process, especially for high school students. Until this point, they have never had to navigate their education without you. As a student enrolled in University classes, they are ultimately responsible for all communication and bills, but we hope you assist during the transition.


Although we encourage students to stay in contact with our office, Southeast Missouri State University values its partnerships with parents. Your student will receive a paper bill at their permanent address once registration occurs at Southeast. This means Southeast must have received and processed enrollment paperwork, which takes time after the student submits it to their high school counselor. Due dates are listed on the bill, but can also be found on our Student Financial Calendar. If the student is enrolled in an installment payment plan or new charges are added, then bills will be sent monthly.

Please make sure your student knows how to access his or her student portal. Emails may be sent to the student with pertinent information regarding his or her account. Your student is encouraged to add an authorized user (YOU!). Authorized Users are able to access the student’s Account Summary, to view details and to make online payments.


We recognize that parents provide invaluable support to their students and have an interest in their educational success. Until this point, you have been afforded the right to have access to your child's(ren's) education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information. However, when a child enters a postsecondary institution at any age (or becomes 18 prior to postsecondary education), those rights transfer to the student according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Once students begin taking DC/ECC classes, rights are transferred. However, there is an exception that allows financial information to be shared with eligible parents (parents who claimed the student as a dependent on their Federal Income Tax Return), and we are happy to do so. 

Need information on other aspects of Dual Credit/Early College Credit? Visit the Dual Credit webpage!


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