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Thursday, July 25, 2019


9:55 - 10:45

10:55 - 11:45

12:55 - 1:45

1:55 - 2:45

Scully 302

Google Slides 

(Brock Allen)

thank u, next:
choice in the classroom 

(Mara Uhls &
Maddy Ringer)

PBL on a Budget 

(Jessica Pederson &
Julie Albertson)

Train Like a Navy SEAL

(Laura Steinbrink &
Cayl Steinbrink)

Scully 305/306

Create a Scene
with Green Screen!

(Brandon Brazel)

Modern Learning Cohort Provides a Path for Tech Integration

(James Russell)

Coding Curiosity

(Dee Leible)

Digital Badging for Powerful Learning

(Tina Schuessler &
James Russell) 

Scully 307

1, 2, 3, Google!

(Danna Bruns)

Tech Tools for Instructional Coaches

(Jennifer Huff &
Eric Bryan)

Women Who Cause a Ruckus: Empowering Educators

(Kelley Branch &
Leigh Ragsdale)

Scully 312

Shifting Secondary Ed: Engaging Entry Points for Deeper Learning

(Andrew Podoll &
Andy Jones-Wilkins, 
The Delta School)

It's Not About Google, It's About the Learning!

(Kasey Bell)

Pear Deck +
Google Slides:
The Perfect Pear

(Nick Park)

Dynamic Learning
with G Suite

(Kasey Bell)

Scully 316

Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs

(Eric Curts)

360 Degree Learning with Google Tour Creator

(Eric Curts)

Hipster Google - 
Tools You Probably Never Heard Of

(Eric Curts)

Tech Tips for Educators: Iron Chef Edition

(Lance McClard)

Scully 407

Using Nearpod to Enhance Instruction

(Bethany Petty)

Say What?! Podcasting to Transform Education

(Whitney Choate &
Jonathan Compas)

EdCamp Your PD

(Whitney Choate)

O-M-Google Chrome!

(Bethany Petty)

Scully 410

Mystery Calls 2.0: Using Technology to Knock Down Classroom Walls

(Lance McClard &
Laura Steinbrink)

Make a "G Suite and Easy" Transition to FLIPPED Teaching!

(Jennifer Walter)

Become a Master of the EdTech Universe with the ISTE Standards

(Nick Cusumano)

Gamify Your Classes

(Theresa Taylor)

Scully 413

Information Overload

(Dee Leible)

New and improved resources, tips and tricks to enhance your EVERFI usage

(Stephanie Stokes)

Next time I
will speak up...

(Stephanie Stokes)

A Very InFORMative Session!

(Jennifer Walter)

Scully 418

The Many Faces of Google Classroom

(Christopher Elfrink &
Barbie Stroder)

Changing Yellows to Green: Google Sheets for Tracking Team Progress

(Beth Kania-Gosche)

Open Educational Resources: Build a Lesson Using Free Government Resources

(Stephanie Hallam, 
Kris Baranovic &
Pat Willingham)

Tech for Self Reflection

(Anna Estopare)

Scully 423

K-2 Apps

(Sarah Rottler &
Tammy Eggers)

Boosting Engagement with Break Out Box Activities

(Tracy Retherford &
Crystal Verseman)

Global Collaboration

(Tara Bova)

Seesaw Advanced

(Allison Miller)


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