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Activating Southeast Key

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How do I activate my Southeast (SE) Key? What if I lose my password?

To use the student portal site, you must first activate your SE Key. This can be done as early as 24 hours after you are admitted to Southeast.

  • Go to Under the login area, click the link for Activate my SE Key.
  • Enter your Southeast ID (SXXXXXXXX) and day and year of birth to begin the activation process. Be sure you write down your new SE Key as well as the password you just created. You will use this information to access all services within the portal, including your online courses.
  • Your email address will simply be We recommend that you set up the Password Reset Facility immediately, in case you forget this password in the future.

If you have problems activating your SE Key, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 573.651.4357. If you have activated your SE Key and cannot remember your password, you will need to reset the password. You can do this in person with proper photo ID at the IT Help Desk in Memorial Hall, room 107. You can also reset it remotely using the following process:

Send the IT Help Desk a fax at 573.651.2200 of a photo ID along with your Southeast ID number (SXXXXXXXX), signature, and the new password you desire. Make sure that your password follows the established rules (at least 3 of 4 elements from these criteria - upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers) or Information Technology will be unable to reset your password.

Requests for password resets are generally completed no later than the following business day. Simply visit the portal and try to login using your new password. If you still cannot access the portal, please call the IT Help Desk at 573.651.4357 for further assistance. Additionally, students who are able to visit the IT Help Desk in person may have their password retrieved rather than reset.