Scholarships and Endowments

Apply for Endowed and Sponsored Scholarships Online

Admitted Southeast Students will be able to apply online.

Steps to Apply for an Endowed Scholarship
  • Login to Academic Works (
  • or
  • Login to Portal (
  • Select Students SS tab
  • Select “Endowed Scholarship Application” from Student Financial Services channel

Donor-funded scholarships and endowments allow our University’s students to continue their education and take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise prove financially impossible. Your contribution is a life-changing gift, and an investment in the success of Southeast students, enabling them to receive an outstanding educational experience that will benefit their futures and their communities.

How to Write a Thank You Letter

Restricted Scholarships

Restricted scholarships are funds which are awarded each year by the Foundation to deserving students. Funding for the scholarship can be one-time or annual. Restricted scholarships provide the opportunity for donors to name the scholarship in their honor, in memory of a loved one, or a business or organization. Donors are also allowed to establish the criteria for awarding the scholarship.

Endowed Scholarship Program

Endowed scholarships are long-term, perpetual funds that generate annual income, a portion of which is awarded each year by the Foundation to deserving students. The minimum principal required to endow a scholarship is $10,000, which may be paid through one gift, over time or by bequest. At the time the scholarship is fully endowed, a pre-established portion of the income will be used to make the annual scholarship awards.

The Foundation’s current policy allows five percent of the principal balance to be awarded each year. Additional earnings on the endowment are added to the principal to allow the fund to continue to grow. Contributions from any source may be added to scholarship endowments at any time.

Benefits of establishing an endowed scholarship include:

  • The donor(s) determines the selection of criteria within appropriate affirmative action and tax guidelines.
  • The donor(s) will be notified of the recipient(s) each year, receive a letter of thanks from the recipient(s), and be invited to attend an annual reception during Homecoming Weekend at which the donor(s) may meet the recipient(s).
  • The endowed scholarship will always be a part of Southeast Missouri University Foundation and benefit countless numbers of students. 
  • The donor(s) and anyone else may make additional contributions to increase the endowment. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
  • The Foundation handles all the administration of the scholarship. The donor(s) can inquire at any time about the status of the scholarship.
  • A brochure is published annually that lists all the Foundation’s endowed scholarships.

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