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 Campus Tours & Visits

Nothing can compare to an in-person visit of Southeast Missouri State University. When we ask our students why they chose Southeast, they always say, "when I visited, I just fell in love." Knowing the impact that a campus visit can make we, are offering personal tours of campus. And please know that if you have any questions or want to talk, we're here for you as you explore your college options.

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Explore SEMO Virtually

From guided tours to 360 photos, we’ve got you covered if you’d like to check out campus from the safety of your home! We can even visit virtually with you, share info sessions on demand, and give you a personalized tour so you see the places you want.

Let's Explore

 Let Our Students Tell You About Southeast

You should hear about Southeast from the students who work and live and breathe SEMO. Allow us to introduce you to a few!

 Meet the Faculty

They’re experts in their fields and completely focused on helping you succeed. Meet a few of our immensely talented and knowledgeable faculty and staff.

Want to talk to a professor in your future program to learn more about what you'll be studying and get all your academic questions answered? Our Admissions team can help you schedule a virtual meeting today.

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 Talk to the Admissions Team

We’re passionate about helping students find the perfect college. We're here through email, text, telephone, online meetings, and in-person visits to answer your questions about the college search process. You can ask us about programs, financial aid, and so much more!

Lenell Hahn

Director of Admissions
W: (573) 986-6012
M: (573) 275-4366

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Brooke Lockhart

Assistant Director of Admissions

GED/HSE, Home-Schooled, Non-Traditional, Returners, and Transfer
W: (573) 651-2957
M: (573) 275-4409

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Tameka Herrion

Director of Office of College Planning
W: (573) 388-6206

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Emily Sachs

Admission Counselor

St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Central Missouri
W: (573) 651-2587
M: (573) 271-0017

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Rachel Woodworth

Admission Counselor

Northern, Central, Metro, and Southern Illinois, Indiana, and Out-of-State
W: (573) 651-2844
M: (573) 275-4414

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Casey Hohler

Campus Visit and Event Coordinator
W: (573) 651-2053
M: (573) 576-0778

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professional photo of casey

Lily Slifer

Admission Counselor Intern

Cape Girardeau County, Southeast Missouri, and Arkansas
W: (573) 651-2969
M: (573) 275-4348

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professional photo of lily slifer

Amber Sumner

Admission Counselor
W: (573) 651-5942
M: (573) 275-1010

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Devin Cox

Admission Counselor
W: (573) 651-5948
M: (573) 275-4408

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If you want more information or to talk with an admission counselor, please contact us us at

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