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Appendix 1

Appendix 1

Outcomes Assessment Plan for Southeast Missouri State University

(Approved by Board of Regents May 1987) 

  1. General Education (General Education) - Designated by the Regents as a Premier Program of the University.
    1.  ACT Composite Score.
      1. Fall 1986 and each succeeding semester: administer to all freshmen to provide baseline date for comparison with ACT COMP. 

      1. Spring 1987, Fall 1987, Spring 1988: administer to sample of seniors and sophomores to provide data base for comparison of present General Education with new General Education program.
      2. Spring 1990 and each succeeding spring: administer to sophomores.
      3. Spring 1992 and each succeeding spring: administer to seniors.
    3. Institutionally Developed Instruments
      Focusing on the program's nine General Objectives and three Perspectives, outcomes measures are to be incorporated into the design of each course approved by the General Education Committee. The Director of General Education shall coordinate the assessment procedures so that appropriate summary results are available for the program as a whole. 
  2. Writing Across the Curriculum (Already University policy). 
    1. Students without credit in English composition applicable to a degree at Southeast Missouri State University are required to take the English Writing Skills Placement Test administered by the Department of English. On the basis of this test, students are placed in the appropriate developmental or college-level composition course or (if the score is high enough) may be given credit for EN100 English Composition I or/and EN150 English Composition II. 
    2. Students entering the University during the 1985-86 academic year or thereafter are required to pass a test of writing competence after they have completed 75 semester hours of credit. This test is administered by the Writing Outcomes Program. A passing score on this test is a requirement for graduation and is applicable to all baccalaureate degrees. 
  3. All Academic Majors  
    1. Fall 1987 (Pilot Testing): Norm-referenced evaluation process that Fall 1988 (Fully Implemented): allows for national/regional comparisons.
    2. Fall 1987 (Pilot Testing): Evaluation based on programmatic goals as Fall 1988 (Fully Implemented): defined by academic departments, using (as appropriate) locally developed tests, performance evaluations, alumni surveys, etc.-any combination of techniques that may assist in determining whether a department's objectives for education of its majors are being successfully met. 
  4. Teacher Education- Designated by the Regents as a Premier Program of the University.
    1. DESE-mandated entrance examination (still under development). 
      1. Fall 1988 and each succeeding semester. 
    2. NTE Specialty Area Tests (or other appropriate measure).
      1. Fall 1986 and each succeeding semester: all secondary education majors
      2. Spring 1987, Fall 1987, Spring 1988: sample of Elementary Early Childhood and Exceptional Education majors.
      3. Fall 1988 and each succeeding semester: all education majors. 
    3. NTE Test of Professional Knowledge. 
      1. Spring 1987, Fall 1987, Spring 1988: sample of all education majors.
      2. Fall 1988 and each succeeding semester: all education majors. 
    4. DESE-mandated exit examination (still under development).
      1. Fall 1 991: all seniors in teacher education. 
  5. Follow-up Studies of Alumni 
    The University will annually seek external judgment of its contribution to the intellectual and personal development of alumni through survey research. 
  6. Review: The assessment plan adopted by the University shall be monitored by this task force or by another body established for that purpose; at intervals no longer than five years, the plan shall be thoroughly reviewed, and modified as necessary, to insure that it continues to serve the purposes for which it was instituted. 


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