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Appendix 6

Appendix 6

Campus Learning Environment: Inventory of Assessment Activities

Some examples of recent and continuing assessment within this area are: 

Institutional Alumni Survey Academic Affairs, continuing
Institutional Enrolled Student Survey Academic Affairs, 92-93
CBHE ACT College Outcomes Survey Academic Affairs, CBHE, 93-94 
College Student Inventory Student Affairs, piloted Fall 93
CIRP Report Office of the Registrar, biennially
Student Health & Counseling Evaluations Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility, Spring 94
Project Recovery Student Development, longitudinal study of students at risk, Spring 93-Continuing
Graduating Senior Survey Career Planning and Placement, Academic Assessment, piloted Spring 94
Noel-Levitz On campus consultants, student focus groups, Fall 93
URES Residence life survey, Spring 94
Financial Aids Survey Financial Aids Office, Spring 94
Student Study Time Survey Conducted by a team of students in Methods of Social Science Research, Spring 94


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