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March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009


Present:          Aide, Baker, Barrios, Bertrand, Buis, Hinkle, Janzow, McDougall, McGowan, Miller, Parker, Prater, Ruediger, Stephens, and Strange
Guests:           Michelle Brune, Paula King, John Pruitt
Upon a motion by McGowan; seconded by Baker, the minutes of February 3, 2009 were unanimously approved.
1.  Human Environmental Studies: Interior Design – Option Title Change, Major Program Revisions, Minor Program Revisions
Prater moved approval of the Interior Design major curriculum changes; Janzow seconded.  Michelle Brune explained that during a 1992 accreditation visit by FIDER, there were two problems cited – 1) not enough faculty, and 2) facility improvements.  Since then, they have added another faculty member, John Pruitt.  Now that they are seeking accreditation from CIDA, they have brought the curriculum into compliance with that body’s guidelines, and will look at facility improvements in the future.  Brune also added that these curriculum changes address guidelines for a national certificate that Interior Design majors may sit for, as well as the NKBA accreditation guidelines as a preparatory step.  Discussion followed regarding additional courses, as well as hours added to the major.  Motion passed unanimously.
Prater moved approval of the Interior Design minor curriculum changes; McGowan seconded.  Hinkle pointed out that the revised minor has no 300-500 level hours and university policy requires at least six hours.  Stephens noted that generally minor revisions do not come before the Council, if all revisions are within the college.  Based on suggestion of Council members, Prater and McGowan withdrew the motion.
McDougall moved approval of a minor in Interior Design that is in compliance with University policy and is at least 15 hours; McGowan seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
Prater moved approval of the “Housing & Interior Design” option title change to “Interior Design”; Aide seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
2.  “External Certificate” Terminology
Stephens explained that this topic was brought up at the February 2009 meeting as related to the ABA Certificate.  At that meeting, the Council questioned a need for terminology for an “external certificate” to be listed in the University undergraduate bulletin.  Discussion followed and Stephens noted that she will continue to bring forward “external certificate” programs that have a need for University resources for the Council’s review.  The Council decided that “certificates” that are not Southeast-awarded should not be listed in the bulletin.


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