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September 12, 2006

September 12, 2006

Present:  Aide, Ball, Beard, Hathaway, Hinkle, Janzow, McDougall, McGowan, Prater, Reinheimer, Shaw, Shepard, Stephens, Strange and Syler
A.  Minutes of May 2, 2006
Upon a motion by McGowan, seconded by McDougall, the minutes were unanimously approved.
B.  Action Items
1.  International Program Name Change
McDougall moved acceptance of University’s international programs to be named Office of International Education and Services rather than Office of International Programs. Shaw seconded. Council passed unanimously.
C.  Discussion Items:
1.  Transfer Credit (50% Rule)
Janzow presented a handout from the sub-committee and stated they had met to review the issues of transfer credit with the purpose of making sure that Southeast is compliant with State policy. He referred members to the table showing Southeast as the only institution requiring 56 credit hours for transfer from another Missouri institution.  It was the general consensus of the Council that the 56 hour rule should be eliminated, but the issue will not be voted on until next meeting.
The Colleges of Health and Human Services, Education, Business, and School of Polytechnic Studies stated that requiring 50% of academic major to be completed at Southeast would negatively impact their programs.  McDougall noted that AACSB standards state “normally” more than 50%.  Provost reminded the Council that the dilemma is the policy of the MDHE expectations versus what we feel is necessary for the “Southeast stamp of approval.”  Council agreed that it is important to find out what other colleges of business with accredited programs require. Syler inquired as to whether the 50% transfer rule would apply to 4-year institutions as well as Community Colleges. McDougall will talk to other deans at the October Dean’s meeting and will report what other AASCB accredited colleges are doing.  Stephens emphasized the importance of not accepting something from a four-year institution that we would not allow from a two-year school.  Stephens asked the committee to bring back information and a recommendation for action. 


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