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February 3, 2004

February 3, 2004


Present:   Buis, Cron, Curtis, Ferguson, Hinkle, Janzow, Jones, McDougall, McGowan, Prater, Redmond, Shaw, Shepard,
 Stephens, Syler, Tibbs, and Tikoo
Guests:     Quantella Anderson, Phil Crawford, and Paula King,

  1. Minutes of December 2, 2003.  With a motion from McGowan and seconded by McDougall, minutes were approved unanimously.
  2. Action Items
    1. Revisions to B.S. in Food Service & Hospitality Management:  Stephens announced that Dr. King, Chair of  Human Environmental Studies, had requested to postpone this item for a future meeting.
    2. Name change for B.S. in Food Service & Hospitality Management to B.S. in Hospitality Management:  Prater made a motion to approve the name change to B.S. in Hospitality Management (handout).  Tibbs seconded.  Prater stated that it more closely aligns with what they are already doing and it is the most common name in similar programs across the country.  Quantella Anderson, faculty member, and Paula King, Chair of Human Environmental Studies, attended the meeting to answer questions.  Motion passed.
    3. Catalog Revision:  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, New Emphasis: American Chemical Society Certification, Biochemistry, Business, and Chemistry:  McGowan made a motion to approve catalog revisions for Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, new emphases: American Chemical Society Certification, Biochemistry, Business, and Chemistry (handout).  Jones seconded.  Phil Crawford, Chemistry Chairperson, also attended to answer questions.  McGowan explained that the B.S. in Chemistry is currently listed as one entity and these would be listed in the undergraduate Bulletin to highlight the different components of the degree.  Council discussed “options” versus “emphases” and expressed concern as to the listing on transcripts so students would not be misrepresented.  Motion passed with one negative vote.
  3. Discussion Items
    1. Degree Requirements:  Stephens initiated the discussion of degree requirements by distributing a handout prepared by Hinkle with degree requirements listed for various universities.  She requested that we review our current minimum number of 124 hours since we cannot deliver or advertise a four-year baccalaureate degree.  Shaw pointed out that this is especially true with our requirement of development courses.  McGowan announced that Tennessee legislature just recently mandated 120-hour degrees.  Stephens asked that the Council talk to chairs, college councils, and faculty about a 120-hour minimum.  Jones stated that he and chairs had already discussed the feasibility and they believed that this was feasible for some degrees.  He indicated that his college did not want to cut one of the 300 level courses from General Education to reach this target, however.  Stephens stated that she would not support a proposal just to cut the General Education program.  The review is to include the major hour requirements as well.   Shepard announced that the College of education was already cutting hours within their degrees.  Stephens indicated that the curricula review, which must result in a $250,000 savings as mandated by the Board, will continue regardless of the minimum hour issue. These are two different topics.   This topic will remain on the agenda for discussion.
    2. Second Major Requirements:  Stephens asked that this agenda item be moved to the March meeting.  Jones expressed the importance of this discussion in light of the disadvantages the current policy imposes on students.
  4. Other
    1. Identify Committee to bring to Academic Council definitions of terms such as emphasis, options, track, etc.: Stephens requested volunteers for a subcommittee to define the terminology of terms such as emphasis, options, track, etc.  Sub-committee:  McGowan (Chair), Janzow, Curtis, Hinkle and Shaw.  Tibbs asked that electives also be defined.  It was agreed that the Committee findings would be discussed at the April meeting and then with Chairpersons.
      Meeting Adjourned.
      The next meeting is March 2, in the Missouriana Room.


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
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