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April 2, 2002

April 2, 2002


Approved 5-7-02

Present: Athinarayanan Ragu, Nancy Blattner, Ed Buis, Sarah Cron, Rusty Curtis,

Irene Ferguson, Sandy Hinkle, Dennis Holt, Fred Janzow, Martin Jones, Paula

King (for Georgeanne Syler), Gerald McDougall, Chris McGowan, Wes

Mueller, Michael Parker, Craig Roberts, Linda Schoonmaker, Randy Shaw,

Nicholas Tibbs, Jane Stephens (Presiding)

Guests: Dennis Seyer, Kenn Stilson

The meeting was called to order by Provost Jane Stephens. The first order was a review of the minutes from the previous Council meeting. After reviewing the minutes from February 6, (the March meeting was cancelled), a motion was made and passed to approve the minutes.

  1. Paula King motioned approval of the Proposed Changes to the Dietetics Program. Dean McGowan second the motion. Provost Stephens opened the floor for discussions. There was none. The Council approved the proposal.
  1. Dean Jones motioned approval of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts be approved. Dean Janzow second the motion. Dean Jones explained the new Fine Arts proposal. He introduced Kenn Stilson who then proceeded to explain the new program and the new courses. A few questions were asked:

a. How is staffing handled?

    1. A question about material expenditures per year for the courses was raised.
    2. A question was raised about student participation in the course UI 390 The Film Festival.
    1. Is there a potential for funding off site library expenses
    1. What about personnel cost? Is it allocated or new dollars

All questions were addressed satisfactorily by Kenn Stilson. Dean McDougall suggested that the proposal show the revenue of the program. The Council voted and approved the proposal.

Dean Randall Shaw motioned approval of the new option, Construction Management and Design Option, in the B.S. in Industrial Technology. The motion was seconded. Dean Shaw explained the new option. Questions were raised:

a. What were the prerequisites for meeting this course requirement?

a.       How many required hours were needed for graduation?

Dean Shaw answered the questions. The Council voted and approved the proposal.

As a new discussions item, the Provost addressed the concerns about the format type for submitting proposals to the council. The Provost explained that proposals should be submitted under the already adopted CHBE format.

The Provost adjourned the meeting at 4:15 p.m.


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701