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February 2, 1999

February 2, 1999



Holt, presiding, Anderson, Buis, Burns, (Jones) Burton, Dahiya, Gifford, Haskell (Janzow), Kellerman, Lipetzky, McDougall, McGowan, Pittman, Shaw, Stennis-Williams.


      V. Gummersheimer, T. Ray


    1. Minutes of December 1, 1998.  Approved as amended with Gifford’s name added as present.


    1. Action Items


      1. B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems:  McDougall spoke to the origin of the proposal.  He complimented the Computer Science Department for its cooperation in the development of the program.  McDougall passed out a document describing information systems programs. The degree is to be offered in the Department of Management.  Carol Sanders from SIU-Carbondale served as a consultant in the development of the program.  The systems analyst in computer science would be proficient in programming; but, the MIS specialist would have a strong background in  business with sufficient technical background to talk with the programmers.  Ehie handed out additional documents explaining differences between MIS and other computer-related areas.  Discussion:  McDougall said there will not be a lot of overlap between computer science majors and this major.  Bill Weber in Computer Science still thinks that there is not enough programming in this curriculum.  Shaw said that the Polytechnic Institute has also worked with Ehie in the development of this program.  McDougall stated that the average salary at assistant professor in MIS is $85,000.  The hiring would be one year after approval of the program.  McDougall moved and Kellerman seconded approval.  The motion was approved unanimously.


      1. Applied Mathematics and Statistics Option added as an Option to the B.S. in Mathematics:  McDougall noted that the title of the second option is Applied Mathematics and Statistics.  It is troubling, then, that a student could go through the program and take only one statistics course.  Gummersheimer stated that there are not enough statistic courses to offer a valid statistics option.  There was discussion of whether there is a preponderance of requests in a common core.  McGowan moved and Stennis-Williams seconded approval.  The motion was approved unanimously.


      1. Industrial Technology Option Name Change from Electronics Technology to Electronics and Computer Technology:  Shaw stated that the name better depicts the new curriculum that has evolved over time--toward digital electronics.  This change is a nation-wide trend.  McDougall asked where computers come into the major.  They are programming computers, repairing them, etc., Shaw responded.  Shaw moved and McGowan seconded the approval. The motion was approved unanimously.


    1. Proposed Joint B.S. in Education degree with major in Industrial Education with St. Louis Community College and the University of Missouri-St. Louis:  Shaw expressed his appreciation of the cooperation of the College of Education in developing this program.  St. Louis Community College-Florissant approached Industrial Technology to offer this program in St. Louis--the lower-class offered by St. Louis Community College-Florissant; the upper-class offered cooperatively by University of Missouri-St. Louis and Southeast Missouri State University.  All agreements are in place.  This meets a demand for Vocational Technology teachers in the region.  The main demand is to entice graduates of this program to go into teaching.  St. Louis  Community College-Florissant will bear the burden of recruiting for this program.  Shaw moved and McGowan seconded the approval.  The motion was approved unanimously.


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