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February 4, 1997

February 4, 1997



    Holt (presiding), Bergerson, Farmer, Frazier, Hinni, Jones, Kogge, Keys, Roeder, Skelton, Tibbs.


    Coleman, Nadkarni, Cannon

A.     Minutes of November 6, 1996.  Approved. 

B.     Action Items 

  1. Minor in Tourism.  Ed Leoni introduced Nandini Nadkarni to answer questions about the proposed minor in tourism.  Tibbs moved and Caskey seconded approval.  Nadkarni assured the Council that there are growing job opportunities in tourism and that this minor would benefit students who are interested in those opportunities.  A question was raised concerning the majors of students who might take the minor.  Nadkarni responded that the greatest interest has been shown by majors in food & hospitality and in mass communications.  The motion to approve passed unanimously.
  2. Unified Physics and Chemistry Majors.  Stennis-Williams explained that these majors are developed in response to DESE initiatives.  Stennis-Williams moved and Caskey seconded approval.  Caskey noted that the format of the proposed curriculum makes it very difficult to know how many hours students taking this major must really take.  After brief discussion, the vote was taken.  The motion to approve passed unanimously.


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