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How to Rent Your Books

Who can rent textbooks and how much is the rental fee?

Renting your textbooks is an easy process. Renting instead of buying can save you more than 50% on average compared to the purchase price of a new textbook and you don't have the hassle of trying to sell it back at the end of the semester. As long as you return your books on or before the due date, all you will pay is the rental fee!

Want to see if there is a book for your class?
You may use this link Textbook Rental Book Lookup to look up your course number to see if we have a rental textbook for that class.

Undergraduate students enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University can rent the majority of their textbooks for the courses they are enrolled in. The rental fee is $35.00 + tax per course, for the duration of the semester. All rental books must be returned in satisfactory condition on or before the Monday following finals week.

Graduate Students can rent a rental textbook if they are enrolled in an (100-599) level course and/or cross listed 400/600 level courses. The rental fee is $35.00 + tax per course, for the duration of the semester. All rental books must be returned in satisfactory condition on or before the Monday following finals week. All other books and materials are available at the Southeast Bookstore or at

When can I rent textbooks?

Textbooks may be requested as soon as your registration is finalized, but books will NOT ship until the week before classes begin. Please request your books as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery before classes begin and assignments are due. Orders received before 12pm will be shipped the same day, while later orders will be shipped no later than the end of the next day.

For students who will be attending classes on the main campus, you can pick up your rental books when you arrive on campus. No need to preorder or reserve your books, we are committed to ensuring each student who is enrolled in a class has a book available.

For 2nd 8 week classes you can pick up your books the week before your class starts. This ensures that both 1st and 2nd 8 week classes have enough textbooks.

What do I need to rent my books?

All you need is to be enrolled in the class and your Southeast Missouri State University student ID, or an official picture ID and your student number. We cannot use your social security number to rent books. Need a list of your course numbers? No problem, we can print one for you.


Where do I pick up my books? 

The Main Campus:
Textbook Rental is located in the basement of Kent Library. The entrance is located on the east side of Kent Library. Students who are enrolled in classes held on the main campus will need to rent their books at the main campus Textbook Rental location.

Taking Regional Campus locations (Kennett, Sikeston and Poplar Bluff)
If taking classes at a Regional Campus, you can pick up your rental books at the regional campuses central office.

For online classes 
Online students who only take online classes may place their book request by submitting their textbook request using our Web order form. If you are an online student who lives locally or near a regional campus location, you can save on shipping expenses by visiting the Textbook Rental department to pick up your books . Don't forget to check with the Southeast Bookstore website to see if you will need any additional books or materials for your course.

When you receive your books, please compare your rental check out receipt to your shipment. Please inform us of any discrepancies or damages as soon as possible but no later than one week after classes begin.

Web Order Form

The link to the order form is at bottom of this page.  Please fill in the spaces provided: Semester, Course and Section Number, First and Last Name, Phone Number, Student Email Address, and select shipping preference (See shipping info for prices). Add any comments that will help with your order (ex: Wintersession course, summer pre-session course, etc...) Please read the Rental Agreement, then click Submit.  All email and web order requests will be sent a confirmation email by the next business day, Monday – Friday during business hours, excluding holidays. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your order is processed in a timely manner.

573-651-2236, please have your student ID number ready.

Can I rent a calculator?

In partnership with the math department, students can rent a graphing calculator for $35.00 + tax. Unfortunately, calculators cannot be shipped; they can only be rented and returned at the main campus Textbook Rental Department.

Calculator rentals follow the same rental policies as textbooks. However, calculators must be returned to the location it was rented from, calculators cannot be returned to Towers or placed in the drop box.

Calculator rental guidelines:

  • Students are responsible for the replacement of batteries when needed.
  • The cover must accompany the calculator when returned and ANY damage to the keypad or screen will be considered in unsatisfactory condition and will not be accepted and the replacement cost will be charged to the students account.

CD’s that accompany the textbook

If you receive a CD with your textbook order, and you did not request a CD on your order form, it is because the department has requested that the CD that accompanies the textbook to be sent with the textbook. The CD will have its own unique identification label just like our textbooks and they follow the same rental policies as textbooks. Please remember to return the CD with the textbook or you will be charged the replacement cost for the book and CD.

See FAQ for additional information on Renting your Textbooks

Rental Agreement
Textbook Rental Book Lookup
Shipping Costs
Rental Book Order Form for Online Students


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