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Frequently Asked Questions about our Textbook Rental Program

If you don't see the answer here--give us a call! 573-651-2236 or email us at

The Textbook Rental fee is $35.00 + tax per course, not per book. The rental fee charge occurs when the student checks out the textbook. No rental fee will be charged when textbooks are not checked out.

All you need is your class schedule and your Southeast Missouri State University student ID, or an official picture ID and your student number. We cannot use your social security number to rent books. Forgot your schedule? No problem, we can print one for you.

At Southeast Missouri State University homepage, click My Southeast, Sign in, click Student SS tab, click Banner Self Service, click Student, click Registration, click Student Detail Schedule, your Student Number is on the top right side next to your name.

The rental fee will be charged to the students account and will be included in the Students University billing statement.

We truly want to work with you on this. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) passed by Congress in 1974, which protects the confidentiality of student’s educational records. This is a good thing for students but can be really frustrating for parents. Because of this act, a student must make the inquiry.

You can pick them up at Textbook Rental main campus or you can choose to have them shipped directly to you for a minimal shipping fee.

You may only rent textbooks for those courses you are enrolled in. This ensures that the student who is enrolled in this class will have a book available for them to use.

You can pick up your friends books as long as you have their class schedule and their ID or student number. You may also return their textbooks, to ensure that all of their books are checked in; we will need their student number or their ID.

Let us know as soon as possible so we can help! If there is any problem with your rented textbooks, we are here to help.

You should return your 1st 8 week textbooks as soon as that class is over. Pick up your textbooks for 2nd 8 week classes the week before your class starts. This ensures that both 1st and 2nd 8 week classes have enough textbooks.

Highlighting and writing in rented textbooks is permitted within an amount considered “normal” and the textbook remains in satisfactory condition. Excessive highlighting/writing in the textbook will not be accepted. “Use it, don’t abuse it.”

If lost, check to see if the book has been returned by checking Textbook Rental Detail on Portal or contact Textbook Rental. If the textbook has not been returned, you will be billed for the lost textbook and you can rent another textbook. If during the semester the lost textbook is returned to Textbook Rental, the charges will be dropped and credited to your account. If your book is damaged, and we cannot use it again, you’ll be charged the replacement price of the book. If it is not rentable---it is not returnable.

In order for the book to be considered in “satisfactory” condition, which is a determining factor of whether we will accept it back, we ask of you to please take care of our books. Please don’t:

  • Tear out pages
  • Damage the cover or spine
  • Stain the book
  • Spill water all over it or allow it to get wet (we cannot accept moldy books)
  • Write or highlight excessively
  • Remove/alter the Textbook Rental label on the front cover of the book

Rented textbooks must be returned in satisfactory condition and if we cannot use the book again, you will be charged the replacement price of the book.

You are not required to rent your textbooks from us, but it is usually the cheapest route. You can look up the required course book information using the Textbook Rental Book Lookup, it will display the Title, ISBN and how much you will save by renting it through Textbook Rental.

Southeast Bookstore carries all extra supplies, located on the 1st floor of the University Center.

Textbook Rental follows the same refund schedule as incidental fees. Refunds will be based on the day the book is returned.Return schedule

It will be refunded based on the day you return the textbook. Be certain the textbook(s) checked out are the ones actually needed and the instructor requires it. If unsure, we will be happy to help.

You may purchase the textbook you are renting any time during the semester thru the last day to return textbooks and your rental will be credited to your account. To see the price and to purchase a book you are currently renting go to the Southeast Missouri State University homepage, click My Southeast click Student SS tab, click Banner Self Service, click Student, click Textbook Rental Detail, click Textbook Rental Detail again. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Each of our rental books has a unique identifying number on the front label; this book ID number is attached to the student who checks out that book. This is helpful in knowing who the book is rented to. If the student who has your book returns it on time, everything will be okay, but if the student who has your textbook doesn’t return it on time, you will be charged the replacement cost of the book even if you returned theirs. You can see your book numbers on the Portal. Textbook Rental Detail

Check the Contact page for location hours and special hours for the Summer term. Textbook Rental: Located in the basement of Kent Library
Towers: Check in table near front desk,Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm, and Friday 9am-3pm, 
River Campus: At the Arts Resource Center (Seminary Bldg), Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, and Friday 9am-3pm Fall & Spring FINALS WEEK ONLY
Regional Campuses: Kennett, Sikeston, Cape College Center and at the Poplar Bluff SEMO office (check each location’s hours)  
After Hours: The Door Drop Slot is located in Textbook Rental’s Main Entrance Doors, it will be there beginning the Monday of finals week through the weekend following finals.
Students have the ability to return textbooks 24/7 during finals week and up until the deadline.  **Check the Contact page for location hours and special hours for the Summer term.

Textbooks may be shipped with a POSTMARK of the MONDAY after finals or earlier to: Textbook Rental, 610 Washington Avenue, North Dock, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Returning textbooks on time is a MUST. If you miss the due date, your student account will be charged the replacement price of the textbook, along with the original rental fee. The book will be yours to keep. You do have the option to try to sell it back for cash at the bookstore. We understand that emergencies happen; if you were unable to return your rented textbooks due to reasons beyond your control, you can try to appeal the charges. Appeals Process

If your book(s) are returned or postmarked the Tuesday through Friday following the Monday due date, as a courtesy we will only charge you a late charge of $25.00 per book instead of the full replacement cost of each book. However, you cannot appeal late charges. In the event that the University is closed for scheduled holidays, books should be shipped to us on or before that last eligible day to receive a late charge (see main page for exact date).

Bring your Student ID with you to return your textbooks. The computer operator will scan your ID and give you a receipt, showing the status of all your textbooks. Or, go to the Southeast Missouri State University homepage, click My Southeast click Student SS tab, click Banner Self Service, click Student, click Textbook Rental Detail, click Textbook Rental Detail again. Textbook Rental Detail

One of two things could be happening:

  1. The books have not reached us yet, but never fear, we check in books by the postmark date on the package. So if they are postmarked on or before the Monday deadline, those charges will be reversed.FYI-- Media mail can take up to 30+ days to be delivered.
  2. The books have gotten lost in transit. If this is the case, contact the shipper as soon as possible. Textbook Rental is not responsible for lost textbooks.

With a Southeast Missouri State University student ID card it will make checking in/out your books a lot faster. We encourage students to get a Southeast Missouri State University ID card (University Center, 3rd floor, information desk). Having an ID has a lot of benefits such as discounted movie tickets, free admission to all regular season home Redhawks sporting events, including basketball and football games, as well as receiving discounts at several local retailers.


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