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High School Dual-Credit Coordinators

For High School Dual Credit Coordinators

Dual Credit, a great way to jumpstart a college education!

Requesting textbooks is an easy process

Call: 573-651-2538
Contact: Cindy Balsmann
Mail: Textbook Rental
One University Plaza, MS2020
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Your request will be processed and we will have your books ready for pick up or it can be shipped to a regional campus for pick up. If you would like your books to be shipped to you directly, please contact the Dual Credit office to advise them of this request.

Please let us know as soon as possible with a count of how many books will be needed for each course taught and for how long (one semester, yearlong). Our inventory is based on Southeast Missouri State University student enrollment, without your early request we may run low on inventory which may cause a delay in getting your books in time for the start of your classes.

About Our Rental Textbooks

Each of our rental books has a unique identifying number on the front label; this book ID number is attached to the student who checks out that book. This is helpful in knowing who the book is rented to.

Tips for distributing books to students

For your convenience, we have included in your shipment a packing list. This packing list is a great tool to keep track of which student is using which book. A space is available for the student’s name, and student’s number to be placed next to the unique book number. Please keep a copy for your records.

We would appreciate a copy of the student check out list for our records, but it is not required. If the student fails to return the book or is returned in unsatisfactory condition, we will be able to charge the student’s account the replacement cost for the book. Without this information, the high school will be responsible for the replacement cost of the book. Please use the contact information above to send us a copy of the student check out list.

Returning Rental Textbooks

Please return the books as soon as the class is over. We may need them for our upcoming semester or for our physical inventory so we can adjust our inventory accordingly.

Books not returned or returned damaged

If it is not rentable---it is not returnable.

Rented textbooks must be returned in satisfactory condition and if we cannot use the book again, the student or high school will be charged the replacement price of the book.

In order for the book to be considered in “satisfactory” condition, which is a determining factor of whether we will accept it back, we ask of you to please take care of our books.

Please don’t:

  • Tear out pages
  • Damage the cover or spine
  • Stain the book
  • Spill water all over it or allow it to get wet (for health reasons, we cannot accept moldy books)
  • Write or highlight excessively
  • Remove/alter the Textbook Rental label on the front cover of the book

Costs/Payment schedule

If the school will be paying the rental fee for the students, the rental fee will be $35.00 nontax for each book rented and an invoice will be sent to the school within one month after school begins.

If the student will be paying the rental fee, the rental fee will be $35.00 + tax and they will need their student number to check out the books.

Instructor copies

Instructors will need to contact the publisher for a desk copy; we cannot provide desk copies for instructors.


Please contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Kent Library 123
Textbook Rental
One University Plaza, MS 2020
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701