Application Process


There are two options for attending the Law Enforcement Academy. 

The first option is the degree-seeking, or credit-seeking  option.  If you have already earned 24 credit hours at this, or any other college/university, you may be eligible to attend as a degree-seeking student.  This option allows you to earn 24 credit hours towards your degree and as a Criminal Justice major, the academy takes the place of your minor.  This option also allows you to use traditional financial aid.  The cost of this option is tied directly to the current tuition rate.

The second option is the certificate-only or non degree option.  If you have not earned 24 credit hours or if you already have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, this is your only option.  The only difference between this and the previous option is you do not earn college credit and you do not have access to traditional financial aid.  However, there are private students loans available here.    The cost of this option is $6,500.

Both options lead to a Class "A" Missouri Peace Officer's License.

Please select the best option for you below.


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Law Enforcement Academy
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