Academic Dishonesty Appeal

Either the student or the faculty member may appealthe result of the formal hearing. An appeal mustbe made within five business days after the decision isrendered. Appeals must be in writing through e-mail,local mail or personal delivery. There are two levels ofthe appeals process. The All University Judicial Boardis the first level and the Provost is the second and finallevel of appeal. At each level, an appealed case meritsbeing heard based on the following conditions.

  • An excessive sanction when compared withprevious sanctions for similar violations undersimilar circumstances.*

  • The discovery of significant new informationrelevant to the case.

  • Procedural error regarding the student’s rightsinvolving error in the administration of judicialprocedures by the faculty, Department Chairor Judicial Coordinator.

The appeals process is not for retrying or rehearinga case. Decisions made during the appeals process canresult in one of the following.

  • The sanction being altered based on a findingthat the sanction is not consistent with pastpractice.

  • A new hearing being granted based on newinformation.

  • A new hearing being granted because theProtocol for Adjudicating Alleged Violationsof Academic Honesty was not appliedappropriately.

No grade penalty should be assigned by the facultymember until the judicial process determines that an actof academic dishonesty has occurred. If the chargescannot be resolved prior to the end of the current semester,a grade of ‘I’ should be assigned pending theoutcome of the hearing. The ‘I’ will remain on thestudent’s transcript until the charges are resolved. Ifthe charges are still not resolved before the time framefor the ‘I’ expires, the faculty member will request from 

the Registrar’s Office an extension of the grade of ‘I’.The faculty member and the Department Chair will benotified of the outcome of the disciplinary case in orderto assign a grade for the course. If the student is foundnot to be in violation of the Academic Honesty Policy,neither the faculty member nor any other member ofthe University community may take any other actionagainst the student.

*Specific sanctions in syllabus are not subject toappeal.


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